Monday, June 28, 2004

Bye Bye Paw Paw !!

This weekend, we were blessed to have my father-in-law in town. Larry was in town I think to see us but seeing the Houston Astros play the Texas Rangers came a close 2nd! He's a big Astros fan. Funny story: When Kendra and I were dating, I was trying to make good inroads with the father (just in case this thing worked out!) so I recall remembering Kendra talk about how much he loves baseball. Now, Larry has never been accused of being an over-talker so trying to have a lengthy and meaningful conversation with him at first was a challenge I was up to. I had stopped by a local store for the sole purpose of picking up a Texas Rangers Baseball schedule to give to him. I knew that would give us at least 10-15 minutes of baseball conversation. When I saw him, I shook his hand and waited for just the right moment. I sat down, handed him the schedule and said, "Hey Larry, got ya something you might want." He took one look at it, said "Thanks" and put it in his shirt pocket. Not a single word after that. It wasn't until later when I was recapping this story to Kendra that she told me that he's much more a fan of the Houston Astros than the Texas Rangers. Oh well, I tried. (By the way, the conversation has gotten much better with Larry since then!!)

One of the most memorable things of this weekend was seeing my 3yr old Tyler going off on Saturday morning to go fishing with his Paw Paw. My sister in law is dating a guy whose family leaves on a farm and they have a pond full of fish. Larry (Paw Paw) had a fun time as did my sister-in-law, Monica who was running the camcorder. Kendra and I stayed back to do other things around the house and hang out with Colby. Daddy and Colby got to have some bonding time running errands which was fun. Tyler caught several fish and was very excited about his time with Paw Paw and the "fish farm" as he called it.

The afternoon was fun for the whole entire family as Paw Paw treated us to the afternoon ballgame between the Rangers and Astros. It was fun event and the boys' first baseball game. Tyler had fun but Colby just wanted to walk around which whipped everyone. Tyler probably annoyed the people around us when he started saying at each pitch, "Ready, set, GO!!!" This was cute for about 3-5 pitches but he kept doing it. Oh well, I didn't mind and no one else got up and left around us. It was fun seeing him get into the game in his own unique way. Paw Paw is so generous and it was alot of fun hanging out with everyone at the ballgame.

I want my boys to spend time and KNOW their grandparents. We are fortunate to have them all (both sets) within 5-6 hours away which to them seems like an eternity. However, I know others out there who get to see their grandparents once a year if they are lucky. We are blessed and I know that Nonny, Paw Paw, Nana and PaPa are VERY special to my boys and they love them very much !! I love you guys alot myself because of how generous you are to Kendra and me and for the love you show my boys !

God bless you all,