Saturday, January 27, 2007

Oh Boy (s) !!!

It's been a while since I've had a good post about my boys! So here's an update:

Tyler: He's doing great in Kindergarten ! We are so proud of this kid and amazed (for some reason?) at how faithful God has been at providing Tyler with wisdom and understanding. When I think back to last summer as we were talking about him going to this blended-K class, I was very nervous for him but thought that he'd do OK in school. Now, over 6 months later I sit in awe of watching my son do so well in school. It makes his Daddy's heart grow very big!! The teachers continue to give us good feedback on his progress and it's very exciting to hear.

Here are a couple of crazy Tyler shots to make you giggle (which is what we do at him most of the time anyway!! - Love that boy!!).

For those wondering, this is Tyler dressing up as Clark Kent and then he changes into Superman. Yes, that's Clark: Notice the hat, the glasses and the "suit" (red jacket). Remember, his name means "Resourceful" - no kidding!

Colby: I got the fun annual experience at Colby's Circle of Friends class to enjoy "Donuts with Daddy" day. It was coupled with a western/cowboy theme but thankfully Daddys didn't have to don the ... hay apparel (HA - please laugh at my corny joke!). But we had a great time together. Colby is doing well in his school too. I love watching Colby learn along side Tyler. We read books with Tyler and Colby sits and reads along as well. He's such a smart kid. And so much fun. He's still sooooo cute - just want to tickle him from time to time just to hear the cute Colby laugh! I think that may have to stop when he gets to be a teenager so I'm getting it all in while I can !! :-)

Here are some pics of Colby and I at our special Donut Day. His teacher is Mrs. Potter and we love her!!

Brady: Hello World - Brady's-a-crawling!! He started this about a week or so ago and he's gettin' the hang of it real good now. He crawls very fast. The best thing though is watching him play football with just himself. He's seen me play with T & C. So now, when he gets the Nerf ball himself, he'll usually grunt and toss the ball a few feet from him so that he can crawl over to get it. Then he does it again. So much fun to watch. He crawled himself under his crib the other day which was funny for all of us watching but a little nerve wracking for him. (see picture below). Brady's a chunk but a cute one at that. He's very handsome. And while T&C have brown hair and brown eyes, it's fun to see Brady's blonde hair and blue eyes. And he's got these fun little curls on the back of his head near his neck. The rest of his hair doesn't seem to be curly so it's fun to see those sprouting up! But he's doing great.

Here are a few pics of him crawling:

(I apologize for the spacing of these pictures)

Kendra and I are doing great !! We are so blessed with this wonderful family and a great marriage. We give God the glory for all of it! We covet your prayers as this year we seek HIM more and more as we make some financial decisions. This could impact when (or if ) we move any time soon. That's been on our heart some lately but want to move to the right area at the right time. We trust God will lead us as He usually does.

God bless you all,