Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I mss Christmas!

It's that time of year for me... the time when I say "UGH - I miss Christmas!!!!" Actually I probably don't use the word UGH but you get the emotion. I just get so excited around late October for the upcoming Holiday season. Love November because I have birthday (hey, it's a holiday to me!!), other family members have birthdays, then it's Thanksgiving. And then, the granddaddy of all holidays... Christmas comes!! The lights, the music, seeing how many "reasons for the season" signs I can count (no offense intended), manger scenes, shopping, candlelight Christmas Eve services, time with family and just the festive time of year.

And now it's January. Besides some OK college football and the NFL playoffs (which stink when your Cowboys aren't playing past the first round! Don't get me started!!), what's there to get excited about for January. It's usually the craziest time of year for my job because ... well... I don't know why. Just everyone making 2007 budget plans and 2007 goals. BOOORRRRRING !!! Sometimes I hate that I'm 38 and working in a corporation. Wish I was doing something else from time to time. Don't get me wrong, I like Sprint. They've been great to me for 14 1/2 years (can't believe it's been that long) and it's awesome place to work. But it's ... well... BOOORRRRRING at times. Sorry Mr. CEO but it is. See, even this topic is boring me... Let's move on.

Have some fun with me if you want. Let's rank the months of the year with a brief description why. Here's my list (counting backwards from worst to best):

12. August - while I said all I did about January, at least it's not 155 degrees outside with no football on to watch!
11. June - it's starting to get hot and I have to mow my grass more regularly now. It's a big lawn and I don't like it!!
10. July - seeing a trend here? Why, I ask, do I live in the south!!!???!!! Heat - UGH !! HA Ahhh, but training camp starts for the Cowboys so I'm gearing up!
9. September - OK, start of football season and my Cowboys are bound for the Super Bowl. It's cooling off a little bit.
8. January - I think this month rates about in here. Wish I would see more snow from time to time though. No blizzards - just some snow to play in with my boys.
7. February - love my honey bunny too much not to mention Valentine's month closer to the top. But football season is officially over after the Super Bowl so my drought begins. College Football recruits have their signing day in this month so that's cool.
6. May - not much I like about May. Not much I hate about it too. Good place to rank it.
5. March - the biggest reason ... March Madness. Love the College Basketball tournament. It's very pleasant weather wise too!
4. April - Ok, now it's time for the sun to stay out a little longer. Like the time change and mostly my yard looks decent by now. Greener and I've mowed a few times. End of the College Basketball season and the NFL draft go on in April.
3. October - Nice cooler weather. No more watering the lawn to run up the water bill that has driven me crazy for the last 4 months because we have no rain..... oops - sorry, didn't mean to rant! I'm also one of the few out there that loves it when it gets darker earlier. By this time, I'm tired of the summer sun and it means its closer to driving around to look at Christmas light on my way home from work.
2. November - for all the above reasons I mentioned. My birthday, my twin brother's birthday. My wife's birthday. Lots of other family birthdays. All is fun in birthday land during this fun month.
1. December !!! - I can't barely mention it without tearing up!!! (just kidding) Anniversary. Other family birthdays. Lot's of college and NFL football. And all the other Christmasy stuff I talked about earlier. I love me some December !!!

What about you? Where do your months rank and why?

God bless you all,