Monday, April 03, 2006

My Three Sons - Update

Some have wanted updates on all 3 boys, here they are:

Brady @ 3 1/2 weeks - cute as can be. He's sleeping great still - getting up only one time during the night so you can't beat that at this stage.

Sometimes he does give you a sudden burst of laughter which is cute. Not sure if he's quite in tune with the funny jokes around our house (HA) or if it's just a reflex but it's cute. He's changing all the time!

Tyler's big news - He finally lost one of his big front teeth! It had been loose for some time but over the weekend, it became "freaky" loose - just dangling there. Tyler would try to pull it, even trying with some plastic play toy pliers to pull it out which is cute to see. It was really funky when he'd close his mouth and only his loose tooth would be sticking out. Yiggeeeee!!!! Then finally last night at dinner, he got it to come out. He knows that his Aunt Moni has promised a trip to Chuck E. Cheese! That's all he's talking about.

Colby doesn't have anything that exciting to announce but isn't he a handsome little devil!!! He's doing great with some potty training for those who are interested. He's almost there which is so exciting.

He's a cutie!!

Kendra and I are extremely blessed to have these boys to call our own!! They make life so fun for us and so many others.

God bless you all,