Saturday, October 11, 2008

would love to be the guy that says "Yes, I made my millions by designing the bear shape that honey distributors all use". What a gig!

We talk about how churches can reach community through Facebook. Here's another way a Central TX church does it:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Marketing Twins of Fort Worth to interview Brandon Scott Thomas

Randy and Donny, marketing consulting at 1429 Creative and operating as The Marketing Twins in Fort Worth, Texas, recently announced their next Double Take LIVE Broadcast where they will be interviewing Brandon Scott Thomas.

Brandon is currently Associate Producer and Vocal/Casting Director at Gary Musick Productions and also serves as Producer and Worship Leader at ZOE Worship, both based in Nashville, Tennessee

Register for FREE:

Marketing Coach and Solutions Director
1429 Creative

impressed with the "Fireproof" movie that my wife and I saw tonight. Well done Sherwood! Check it out:

wants everyone to know that we are interviewing Brandon Scott Thomas of ZOE on 10/29. Going to be fun! Register:

Thursday, October 09, 2008

getting ready to take kids to practice and to Aunt Moni's house and myself to a FREE marketing workshop we are putting on for the community!

wishes I could be at a park right now enjoying this beautiful weather. Also preparing for a workshop tonight:

Smooth Johnny's Thoughts

I'm going to start linking my Facebook thoughts out on my blogger site so you can stay in contact with me if you are not on Facebook.

If you want to find me on Facebook, click on this link to my Facebook profile.

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