Saturday, June 24, 2006

BBC06 - Day 2 Evening Report

What a day!! There was another surprise that I came up with this morning which the boys thought would fit great into BBC06!! (and frankly, I wanted to do it too!!)

Yes, that's right... we went to see the "Cars" movie again! We've already seen it once - click here if you want more information on that experience. The boys and I loved it just as much the 2nd time around. Even Brady did absolutely fabulous. Somehow in that loud, car-racing type of movie, he managed to fall asleep on my shoulder which made it even more fun for me. This time the boys took their McDonald toys (Colby had "Fillmore" and Tyler had "Sally") so they grinned at me almost every time their toy character said something funny. But they just love Lightning McQueen and Mader. If you've seen the movie, you know why.

After we returned from the movie, we had a light snack and did some coloring pictures. We then made some cookies for BBC06 weekend.

Then we did some cleaning up which Tyler and Colby both helped out with.

Then it was nap time!! Whoa - thank you Lord for naps! I only took about a 20-minute "power nap" but that's what I needed. Brady went down for almost 4 hours, Colby for 3 and even Tyler did a 2 hour nap which was awesome.

While Colby was still sleeping and after Brady's afternoon feeding, I had Tyler help me give Brady a bath which they both enjoyed alot. I really think those 2 really are going to be great friends one day.

After Colby got up, it was off to Cici's Pizza for dinner. First time in a long time that I'd been there with Tyler and Colby because of Brady being born. Having a newborn kinda throws any routine out the window for a few months but it certainly was fun being back there with them. The boys were great as always. Then it was back here for swim time. Brady went down for a short hour-long nap to afford me the chance to swim with T&C which I always enjoy. Those boys are so much fun in the pool.

We closed out the night with bathtime for T&C as Brady watched. He chuckled several times at seeing his older brother's antics in the bathtub. We then watched a short Veggie Tales movie as I gave Brady his final bottle of the night. Then they were all in bed by 8:50 pm. I'm not going to sleep in T&C's room tonight b/c I need to get an earlier start in the morning b/c of church. We are going to do our best to leave here by 7:40 if we can make it!! We'll see...

Buddy Boo Camp '06 is almost over - just one day left. I can totally see this becoming an annual tradition. I imagine that as the kids get older this "camp" will take on many different forms and probably a title change down the road !! HA Can't imagine my 15-yr old Tyler being thrilled about telling his friends about how he has to spend his weekend with his nerdy dad and brothers at Buddy Boo Camp 2016 (that's weird putting that year in there like that).

Guess we'll see if this sticks. If every year can be this much fun ... I hope it does.

God bless you all,

BBC06 - Day 2 Morning Report

BBC06 Day 2 started off with some
surprising excitement!! (and I'm not talking about the power going out for about an hour in the middle of the night!)

Question: What do Bush, Rumsfeld and a Buddy Boo Camp Director (that's me!) have in common? Well, it's this... each of us have made a surprise visit in the middle of the night to visit our "troops". Ok, ok, if that's not making any sense, here's what I did. As part of a BBC06 surprise, I decided that rather than sleeping on my side of the house, it would be more fun to sleep in the same room as Tyler and Colby and surprise them when they woke up! It was quite successful - they never knew I came in until this morning when they woke up. I asked Colby what he thought about Daddy sleeping in the same room as he did and in his cute little stuttering voice he said, "tha...tha...that so cool Daddy". When I asked Tyler, he said, "Let's go eat some breakfast!" HA (typical Tyler)

The older boys and I enjoyed breakfast together although they didn't stick to the schedule of eggs and toast like I did. (gotta work on that compliance training!HA) They are creatures of habit so it was cereal and cereal bars like normal. I've got some other surprises in store for later that they know about but YOU don't so you'll have to check back later to see our BBC06 Day 2 evening report.

God bless you all,

Friday, June 23, 2006

BBC 06 - Day 1 Report

Our BBC 06 Day 1 officially started at 5:00 pm today after I got off work. I thought I'd show you our agenda for the weekend. BBC 06 wouldn't be completed without an agenda you know! (HA) Sorry if it's hard to read... you might click on it to see an enlarged version.

After some play time, we loaded the van and headed to McDonalds. Now, the big reason for this trip was because of the toys in the Happy Meal - honestly! It wasn't part of the original BBC 06 agenda but was a last minute addition because the toys in the Happy Meal boxes were cars from the Pixar animated movie, Cars! Of course, that's a big hit around this house these days so we needed to make a trip. Plus after we finished dinner, we had plans of getting a poster frame from Hobby Lobby so we could hang up our Cars poster in our playroom. Here's a completed look at the poster with all my buddy boos!

All in all, it was a great start. Big day ahead of us tomorrow as you can see. Should be fun.

God bless you all,

Thursday, June 22, 2006

'Twas the night before Buddy Boo Camp ...

'Twas the night before BBC'06 and all I have to say is one word: MADAGASCAR !

Here's the picture of Tyler, Colby and their friend Austin shakin' it to the "I like to move it move it" song at the end of the Madagascar movie! I was laughing because this picture does not do those moves justice. I almost lost it when Tyler gets to shakin's his bottom while getting lower to the ground... maybe that kid has some coordination after all!! I think Colby is just doing whatever the 2 older boys do which is funny in itself! I think Brady even let out a 3-month old chuckle at the sight of his older siblings. He was sitting right next to me when I took this photo.

Anyway, boys were all in bed by 9:00 so they should well rested for the start of Buddy Boo Camp 2006 (minus Austin who we drop off with family tomorrow morning) !!

Oh, and one more thing unrelated: Did you know that the Smooth Johnny Blog has been around for 2 years now!! Wow - I had realized it til I was scanning my site just now and saw the first post was dated 6-11-04. So Happy 2nd BD SJBlog!! For those who wish to read my first entry that explains why it's title "Smooth Johnny Blog", click here!

God bless you all,

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A totally unique, amazingly creative and completely original concept!

This Friday, Kendra and her sister Monica are heading off to Amarillo to visit their Mamaw. That leaves me with the 3 boys for 3 days all to myself. So I started thinking of how I could commemorate this special weekend in a totally unique, amazingly creative and completely original concept. And it came to me... welcome to Buddy Boo Camp!!

Ok, you've all seen or heard of the knock-offs (click here for more on that fraud! hee) but this is something special. The agenda is packed and so is the Tylenol!! Should be a fun-filled weekend of swimming, pizza, coloring, maybe some donuts if we don't tell, church, movies, naps, more naps, ... oh please Lord let them take naps, and so much more!!! It will be so memorable that we will probably have to call Mommy on Sunday and tell her to stay gone another day!! (or maybe that's because I'll need that much time to clean up before she arrives back home!!)

So, stay tuned. Should have pics and stories galore. I'm so looking forward to hanging out with my 3 wild and wully buddy boos!! The countdown begins to BBC 2006!! Please join me in prayer - PLEASE !!!!!!!

God bless you all and BBC06!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm feeling better on Father's Day !!

I'm feeling so much better now that I decided to make a video of me dancing to prove that I'm OK now. Happy Father's Day everyone! Click to play button on the video screen to start: