Monday, October 22, 2007

New lessons from Dad

Not sure if I should admit this but this post was inspired by an article I read in .... Sports Illus... uh .... ESPN the maga... uh... OK, I can't do it. It came from the Parent's magazine we got in the mail the other day. Now, lest you think I'm sitting around all day reading it, I will tell you that I was helping Colby look for a picture of something that started with the letter "E" and we use the Parent magazines for alot of those assignments. Anyway, enough of my justification.

The article was titled "New Daddy Tricks" and it was referencing what knowledge we pass down to our kids and how it's different today than it was when we were growing up. Here's what they listed:

THEN: How to toss a football
NOW: How to complete a pass in Madden 2008 (video game)

THEN: How to tell time on a watch
NOW: How to check the time, voicemail, and ringer volume on a cell phone or PDA/ Smartphone (Blackberry, Treo)

THEN: How to use a hammer
NOW: How to use TiVo and the universal remote

THEN: How to read a newspaper
NOW: How to get instant headlines from news websites and blogs

THEN: How to write a letter
NOW: How to use "emoticons" on an email or instant messaging

THEN: How to change the oil, change a battery or fix a flat
NOW: How to kill time waiting for Roadside Rescue (that you probably called from your cell phone or Treo/Blackberry)


Here are some others that I came up with:

Then: Make sure they know the difference in a push button and rotary phone
Now: Take them to the museum to find a rotary phone

Then: How to write out a check
Now: How to do online banking
(I have enough checks to last me for probably 5-10 years since I hardly use them!!!)

Then: Right tightie, lefty loosie when using a screwdriver
Now: Just know which way to push the button on the power drill

I could come up with alot more but I'll let you comment on ones that you can think of !

Blessed be your name,

(Ok, I've decided replace my standard signoff from "God Bless You All" [which I've been using since I started this blog] to "BBYN". I was so inspired this weekend after Rick's sermon (10/21) and the singing of that song, that I decided to make that my standard signoff. If for no other reason, every time I post I'll be reminded that depite if my world is "all as it should be" or if the darkness is closing in, Lord still I will say that blessed be your name!)