Friday, December 16, 2005

Hurts like the dickens ... and I don't mean Christmas!

Here's an email I sent to my family and some close friends about my surgery update:

Well, it's over! For those who don't know, I had my tonsils removed today along with some other throat tissue. There's a long name for it but it's too hard to say so I'll just use the "nurses term" for it ... UPP. However, if you want call me and ask me about my uvulopalatoplasty surgery, feel free to!! (See what I mean?) I think Kendra has kept some of you in the loop so this is mainly for those who didn't know or who may be looking for an update.

It's about 10:30 PM right now and I'm not as tired as I expected I would be. I had a short little snooze this afternoon once we got home so I'm sure that's the reason for being up now. I broke out the Christmas Vacation DVD to help forget about the awful pain in my throat. Hurts to laugh though so I'm somewhat regretting this decision although that movie is still funny to me.

Before I give you some more details, I just need to say "THANKS" to many of you. I'm extremely blessed to have such a wonderful family and some great friends who called today or asked for updates. Many of you had been praying up until the surgery and I'm grateful. You can continue to pray for the recovery if I may be so bold to ask.

People often asked me before the surgery about what the pain will be like. Well, now I can tell you. I'll begin by saying that as a man who loves to eat (no jokes please!! HA), you know the pain is bad when the thought of eating anything solid makes me almost cry!! I got all of that out of the way this last week, including my "Last Supper" last night at On The Border to enjoy some chips, salsa, queso and a fried chimichanga which I never get! I wanted anything crunchy. Glad I did, because right now, I can tell you that drinking even water, ice chips or a Sonic slush is painful - extremely painful. I'm going to have to move to Gatorade (which is approved) to avoid dehydration I think b/c I just can't drink water to keep up. It's like having multiple razor blades in the back of your throat. I've had bad sore throats in my life but nothing compares to this. Wow!

One of the odd things for me and probably good for my wife, is that it even hurts to talk. I try short sentences or whispering but that's even hard and alot of times she can't understand me!! HA So I'm now writing notes on paper or a marker board to communicate. Hopefully that won't last forever. Those that know me well, know that I do have a few things to say at times (insert Donny joke here!) so this is difficult.

One thing that is always so funny to me is the "happy juice" they give you before going under. The last thing I remember is saying goodbye to Kendra, then having the nurse come over and say "Ok, it's time for the happy juice - are you ready" I don't even remember saying "Yes" before I recall being woke up up in recovery. By the way, Kendra was told I was "difficult" when coming out of the anesthesia which is funny and embarrassing at the same time. Did I cuss at them? Gosh - I hope not. What funny story is some nurse telling her spouse tonight about the out of control guy who just got the UPP done!! I honestly don't remember anything other than feeling groggy for several hours. If you hear of any stories that pop up on the internet about some guy doing something in the recovery room, let me know!!

As I end my email and consider having my first sleep with a "bigger pipe" (that's my throat by the way without tonsils, a uvula and some portion of my pallet), I must say thanks to some very special people. First to Aunt Moni - my great sister-in-law for watching my kids all day despite them both getting sick at her house. I feel a tad bit guilty for that but I know they were in good hands. Thanks Moni - you're the best. And thanks to my brother-in-law Aric for giving up his wife tonight who offered to come over to our house tonight in case the boys' sickness continued so she could continue the help. It's nice to have family locally in times like this. Thanks to both of my brothers and their families for keeping in contact today. Thanks Gary and Randy (and your families) for touching base with Kendra and I today - that means alot. It's amazing to have brothers who truly care about you despite being 5 hours and 23 hours away respectively. Thanks to my in-laws in Midland who have been praying about this probably more than I have. It's nice to have such wonderful people I can call my 2nd set of parents!! I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing week with them in Pagosa Springs, Colorado starting a week from tomorrow!! Speaking of parents, I can't forget my own parents who are on their way tomorrow to visit us for the 2nd weekend in a row. Yes, they are retired but that's hard to do at any age and I appreciate their offer to come back this weekend and stay for several days to help with the boys. That will be a special time for them I know. But it means alot to both Kendra and I for you two to come all this way a 2nd week in a row in order for Kendra to be able to do some personal things she needs to do as well as tend to my every need !! HA (I think the drugs are kickin' in!!) Allow me also to say how fun it was to see my 2 boys this morning as they prayed over me with Mommy. They knew I was going to the doctor to try and get better. They already had started saying that I was all better before I walked out the door. Then to see them tonight and hear their precious voices, it made me smile. They are both so cute and I wanted to hug them so bad. Maybe after we know their "sick bug" has passed, I'll engage in a little living room football with them!! Can't wait!

And finally, to my loving bride who takes such good care of a big ol' baby like me!! She made a joke about maybe this being my experience to compare to her 2 pregnancies. I remember laughing inside thinking that there's no way this is a comparison but if she thinks that - go right ahead sweet dear. I think I got the better end of that deal !! HA HA Seriously, I can't think of anyone who is a better care-taker than Kendra. She knows when to have sympathy and knows when to let you have your space. The perfect balance. I remember asking the nurse to find her as soon as I got back to my room because I couldn't wait to see her. Now that I think back, she was probably there the whole time but I was too loopy to know!! HA I love you honey so much!! Even though it's hard to say it right now, I want you to know how much I appreciate and love you!! You're the best!!

Thanks for letting me ramble my good friends!! I may not be able to talk but that can't stop me from typing !!
God bless you all,