Tuesday, November 08, 2005

And the winner is ... ?

Ok, Ok, it's that time. Time to reveal the name we have selected for our new baby boy who is due in late February, early March. It's timely today that we announce this because Kendra is having another sonogram this morning so she will get another look at our little guy. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the sonogram so Kendra will have to let me know if he waves at Daddy!! :)

Alright, so here we go. We've searched through many names on the internet as well as hearing from many of you on ideas that you have. We wanted a name that we both really liked and thought would go well with Tyler and Colby. We wanted to embrace the name from the beginning and the one we picked certainly did just that. We've enjoyed it since we first started talking about it a few weeks ago.

So, our new baby boy (and for some of you this will be your little nephew or grandson) will be named:

Brady McClure Vaughn
Here are some meanings we found for this sweet little guy:
  • Motivated by tranquility and peace (let's hope that plays out within the first year!)
  • A reliable person (Daddy likes that one!)
  • A joyful person (We've always prayed that our boys would be full of joy. Very fitting!)
  • Has a creative mind (No telling what superhero he will want to be!)
  • Always takes the right path (this falls under the spiritual meaning so we love this one!)
  • Broad island (ok, isn't there always one meaning that makes you giggle?)

So what do you think? Hopefully some of you can get past "Brady Bunch" references as well as to thoughts of the Brady family on the Days of our Lives soap opera !! :) Being the sports-loving Dad, I like to think of Brady Anderson (former major league baseball player) or even Tom Brady, current QB for the Patriots. One of the fun associations is with Brady Tackett! ???? hmmmmm,,,...... uh, who is that, you ask?

Brady Tackett is the 3rd grade son of a fun couple who is heavily involved with Royal Family Kids Camp which I've been a part of for several years at our church. Doug (the dad) and I also co-teach a class on Wednesday nights. When we started talking about the name, Kendra wanted to know from the Tackett's why they selected that name. Besides the fact that (anti-climatically ??) they found it in a phonebook, their son, Brady, was thrilled that we were considering this name. He thought it would be so cool. So there will be a big Brady and a little Brady at RHCC. Similar to having our little Colby and big Colby (Colby Hatchett, son of Chris and Staci Hatchett who are close friends of ours at RHCC). It's fun to see the big Colby and little Colby interact so I look forward to the same from Brady and Brady.

Thanks to all of you for having a little fun with us along the way. I think my niece, Laura, is about the only one who mentioned the name Brady as part of the last poll so I'll declare her the big winner!! Laura, for your prize, you get to change Brady's diapers for the first 6 months!! Congratulations!!!

It's fun to have a name for this little guy while also paying respect with his middle name to some special grandparents that I miss very much!! Welcome Brady to the blog world - we all cannot wait to see ya!!

God bless you all,