Saturday, June 10, 2006


We just returned from the movie theater where we saw the new Pixar movie, Cars. It was great!! The whole family went including movie rookie, Brady, who did fabulous in his opening day experience. We even had Aunt Moni with us too so that made it even more fun for the boys.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, make sure you get a chance to - I think you'll like it. Make sure you stay for the credits as there is a funny deal they do with other Pixar movies (and I'll leave it at that). The "she just likes me for my body" line got a big laugh out of Tyler and Colby.

The funniest line was laughed by all the adults though. Let's hope none of my kids got it though:

~ Lightning to the group: "Hey guys did you know Doc was a Piston Cup winner?"
~ Mader (the funny character): "He did what in his cup?"
I have to admit I chuckled. I think every other adult did too. Anyway, it was great show and I highly recommend it. Probably will be a good DVD for the Vaughns to have in their growing selection.

Here are some more pics from our experience that I took with my phone.

The boys with the star of the show, Lightning!!
(Ok, it was a cardboard cutout)

The boys with the funny car in the movie, Mader!

God bless you all,

Monday, June 05, 2006

You just like me for my body!

I know, I know... it's been a while since I've blogged so please forgive me. This entry will be more pic intensive than text so you can thank me later.

Ok, might as well get the funny one out of the way. And no, it has nothing to do with the title of the blog entry!!!! Thank goodness!!! This is Tyler (far right), Colby (far left) and their friend Austin Allred (middle) after a good swim, making sure our drought-laden grass is fertilized and watered properly (wink, wink). Part of Daddy's organic gardening technique!! By the way, I'm hoping Colby is checking out Daddy's BBQ grill on the far right... (sorry Mom, had to say that!!!)

This picture was taken last week as the boys were getting ready for bed. Tyler has a hard time keeping his eyes open with the digital camera flash it was a cute picture nonetheless (just like using that long word). These 3 boys are great friends!!

Gotta love good ol' Brady-Boo!!! That's what I call him. What a fun little boy is becoming. He'll be 3 months old on Thursday which is hard to imagine. Just seems like yesterday we found out he was Brady and not Sydney!! So... who do you think he looks like? Let me know.

Just in my own observation (Kendra's may be different) but I think Tyler gets Brady to laugh better than anyone!! Sorry Nana, Nonny, Paw Paw, and Papa!! That Tyler has an infectious smile and laughter although sometimes we admit that we have no idea what he's talkin' about!! But it's funny to him. Those that have spent alot of time around Tyler are saying "Oh yes, I know what they are talking about". Love to see older brother and baby brother playing so good.

And I've got to end with one of my favorite things that Colby and Tyler have picked up since last Friday night. On Friday, when I got home from work, I wanted to show Tyler and Colby the website about the new movie hitting theaters on June 9th called Cars. Looks to be a really cute movie. They've seen some things on TV but I knew I could find some good stuff on the website. We started watching the "trailers" (the teaser ads you see on TV or in the theaters that promote the movie) just for fun. The "guy" to the left in the photo is called Mader. His voice-over is done by the Blue-Collar TV and country-hick sounding comedian named "Larry the Cable Guy". In this one scene, Mader utters the phrase in a real country twang, "Naw, she just likes me for my body". Well the boys thought this was funny as did Daddy too. So, to make the moment even funnier, what does any good Dad do? ... I just kept rewinding it and playing it over and over and over and over... and over again. The boys just laughed harder and louder each time. So since last week, they both will walk around and say the phrase either for no reason, to each other, or to anyone who will listen. Tyler has even learned that if you make your voice sound deeper, he can imitate Dad who likes to imitate Mader in this country-hick kind of voice. It's real cute to watch Tyler bury his head and chin and try to talk in a deep voice. Sweet Colby will say it but most of the time is either giggling or talking so soft that you can't understand him but you still laugh because he thinks it is so funny.

Today, I heard Kendra telling the story about how Tyler and her had to go wake up Colby from a long nap. Kendra was telling Tyler that they needed to be quiet and wake up Colby gently. So Tyler complied, walked into the room quietly, got right up to Colby's face and said, "Hey Colby... you just like me for my body". Colby grinned and woke up laughing. Wish I would have been there to see that funny moment.

Well, that's about it for now. Gotta run.

God bless you all,