Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Superheroes!!

What a night!!! Thursday night was the combined birthday part of our two favorite superheroes: Tyler and Colby. Dressed in their Batman and Superman costumes, they were so excited when I left the house with them to head to our birthday party location where we'd meet up with Kendra. This year, we decided to spend our budgeted birthday money on location and not on gifts. We did that because we wanted to do their parties together (with Brady on the way anyday now!) and the thought of having that at our house was not something we were going to entertain this year!! HA Getting ready for the baby is enough around here as it is. So the place we selected was a new place in town called Let's Jump. It's basically a warehouse with 3 rooms filled with large (and I mean large) inflatable jump houses!! Heaven for a 3 or 5 year old boy!! We got a cake from the fancy bakery down the street knows as "SAMS" (pronounced French I think! HA) for all of $18 dollars. It was perfect because not only did it taste great, but they had a theme of the Justice League superheroes which matched exactly to the invitations we sent out. We were prepared to make our own cake with a Batman and Superman logo on it but once we found this at Sam's, we couldn't pass it up for $18 !! You'll see a picture above of Colby attempting to blow out his candles. Tyler was quick to the draw and had already done his by the time this photo was shot. Notice the Justice League plates as well.

I'm going to copy-n-paste an email that Kendra wrote out that tells you more about our special evening with Batman and Superman and all their "Super Friends":
The boys DID have a great party last night - I don't remember ever seeing them quite so giddy with excitement. They were dressed in their comfy Superman suit (Tyler) and Batman pajamas (Colby) and just had a blast jumping and sliding and climbing with their buddies. Everyone was able to come, and all had a blast. They had two different rooms for the kids to play in - about an hour in one and 30 minutes in the next one, then we went to our party room for cake and ice cream then opening presents. Once Tyler passed out goody bags to his friends, he was really ready to go home so he could check out all his new toys and put on his Superman pajama pants that Aunt Moni had found for him (last minute request he made of her a couple of days ago . . .he had already been telling her he REALLY wanted a small Superman, then decided to add "and some Superman pamjamas" to the list! He's got her whooped for sure!!). They slept with smiles on their faces as they held their favorite new toys (Power Ranger motorcycle with cool red Power Ranger on it for Colby and little Superman, and a Batman with cool bat wings for Tyler). Colby and I have spent a lot of this morning putting together a little Hot Wheels race car track that he says "makes me so happy!". Oh the power of new toys! ha!

One more funny thing . . hope Donny doesn't mind if I share this . . . he had a blast on the jumphouses as well - he and Colby raced, and he and Lance Yowell had a fun time with all the kids going through all the mazes. Once he stopped and sat down, he realized he isn't as young as he used to be, and thought he was going to be sick for a while . . .poor Donny. He recovered without major issues, but I sure giggled a lot last night as he moaned and groaned and ate Tums like candy!! he! Love you, honey - you sure were cute to watch last night, and you did a great job pulling the party off!! You are the best!!!!
Donny: Ok, it's me again - I'll admit that probably running around with 3 and 5 year olds and eating cake and trying to run around helping with a party is probably not good for a 37 year old anymore but it sure was fun. Watching Colby's face when he realized that I was right on his tail in our race through one of the inflatables was priceless!! He knew I was close so he was rushing to get up the wall so he could beat me - which he did - laughing and giggling all the way down the final slide!! Think I pulled a "hammy" on that run!! :) And then seeing Tyler having so much fun with me trying to knock him off the pedestal with a large foam hammer on this one inflatable was so fun. I felt like we were really "playing buddies" instead of father/son. Special moment for sure - I think I feel a tear!!!

Well better go. Sorry for the lengthy report on our Super Friends BD party!! Wish you all could have been there. We had a blast!! Now, come on Brady - so you can join the fun!!

God bless you all,

p.s. Due date for Brady is March 2nd. That's when we want him to come!!! Keep Kendra and Brady in your prayers!!