Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Third times a charm-er !!

Brady has been wanting some special blog time so here it is. Lately you've enjoyed stories about Tyler. And even a special blog entry on Colby. Now, it's Brady Boo's turn a bat. (actually with the Rangers playing as bad as they are, I should eliminate all baseball references... let's just say it's his turn to run the ball!!)

Brady is definitely growin' up!! Here he is in his "johnny jumper" that he really enjoys now that he's figured out the bouncing part. You'll also see from the pictures below that he's started sitting in high chair during our meal times (when he's not sleeping). It's fun to have him there at those times. He's been sleeping good at night but has shortened some of his naps at times.

He's such a cutie though. He enjoys spending time with his brothers. They both love him to pieces. Although we've decided that Tyler's baby-talking to Brady was cute for about ... oh... five minutes!! That 5 minutes was up a LONGGGGGG time ago and now we can't wait to imitate him when he's 15 and brings a girl over to visit!! (I think that's one of Dobson's forgotten chapters in his books - Parental Revenge!!) Anyway, Brady likes it for the most part so Tyler continues to do it. Tyler is really cute with him though. And Colby gets so enamored with him during dinner that he forgets to eat his own food!! We are working on that. Anyway, back to Brady ...

In addition, Brady's started eating rice cereal, oatmeal, squash and sweet potatoes. Don't think he was big on the squash but seems to be doing well on everything else. (Although you couldn't tell from the picture!!)

Here's another thing he's doing that's fun: sitting on Daddy's shoulders!! I've always loved doing this with my boys. Guess it's a Dad-kinda thing!! Sure is an easier way to carry them around, that's for sure. Anyway, Brady gets to laughing pretty good when I do this. I don't carry him around like this much except in the house but it won't be long before this will be the preferred mode of transporting this lug around town!! He's quite the load. But it's real cute when he snuggles his head into mine. Probably his way of feeling safe but it sure is fun for me!!

And finally, tonight he decided he would enjoy a cold one with Mommy!!! That's right, a drink of water from a real cup!! (what did you think I was talking about!) It was real cute watching him take these small drinks and he seemed to like it.

(sorry for the big gap here - can't get rid of it!!)

Ain't this guy a charmer !!! Well, that does it for the Brady McClure Vaughn update !! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed talkin' about my little man, Brady!

God bless you all,