Saturday, July 22, 2006

Time for Camp!

Ok, it's that time - time to head to camp! Tomorrow on Sunday, I leave for Royal Family Kids Camp with the rest of the bunch from both Richland Hills Church of Christ and Legacy Church of Christ (and some other believers from surrounding churches). It's an exciting yet nervous time thinking about the week ahead.

Today, I took Tyler and Colby to Abilene to meet up with my parents, Nana & Papa. They will be with them for a part of the week in Littlefield (my hometown) and they will all drive back her on Wednesday to spend the last part of the week here at home. Should be a great time.

Kendra will be here for the week with Brady who is now an amazing 4 1/2 months old - where did the time go!! She will have a blast including not having to pick up toys every night!! HA We talked about that today - she's looking forward to that. We both will certainly miss our two oldest boys but they are in great hands. Their girl cousins (Laura, Hailey and Garyn) will help play and keep them entertained as well. It will truly be a blast of a week.

Speaking of the boys, here are some new pictures that I love. In addition, if you want to experience seeing our boys enjoying the farm life and an update on Brady's first sleepover at his Aunt and Uncle's house, check out my sister-in-law's blog- great stories and pics!!

Here's a great one of Tyler just out of the pool another fun one of him floating on a raft. Love that sweet boy!!

Here's Colby striking a great model pose. Needs to bulk a bit though!! :) He loves his new blue googles that look like Daddy's black ones.

I love little Brady-boo!! Here's him after one of his first swims (he LOVES the water by the way!) as well as a great picture of him being introduced to a Sonic drink!! His reaction is typical Vaughn - we love Sonic!!!

And finally, here's a fun picture of Kendra, Tyler and Colby playing "Cheers - Get your ears!" which is from We all printed out ears and wore them around for a while. I think Tyler loved it that both of his parents wore their ears around like he did - we're such suckers! Kendra is a great Mom to these boys.

I'll be back on Friday, July 28th and will try to post as much as I can next weekend. For now, keep all of my family in your prayers. In addition, say a prayer for all of the campers at RFKC. Pray that God will reveal his love and peace to each of them so that HE may be praised!

God bless you all,