Friday, October 07, 2005

First Sleepover!!

Last night, Kendra and I dropped off Tyler and Colby at their aunt and uncles house for their first sleepover. Yes, now that Aunt Moni is married to Uncle Aric, the boys have a place to hang out!! HA I'm at work today and Kendra is at a conference if you are curious as to why we are doing a sleepover on a Thursday night.

It felt kinda weird to drop them off there for a couple of reasons: 1) just knowing that my boys are getting old enough to know that they are sleeping over at their aunt and uncle's house and 2) the fact that they have now an uncle that lives in town!

Apparently the early report was they slept good overnight but decided to start the day about an hour earlier than they normally do. Yes, they got up at 6:00 so the boys will probably be a little edgy today. Too bad for Aunt Moni. She was just on her way to take them to the toy store so that should be entertaining for them. That's not the only entertainment for the day. Apparently both boys are huge fans of Aunt Moni's new washing machine. It's one of those "front loading" kind that you can see into so Colby and Tyler both were enjoying that (see picture). Aunt Moni is quite proud of this appliance and now she has a couple of more fans!! :)

For those aunt and uncles outside of town, we are now accepting applications to host our kids at your house soon!! The boys love to explore new things so if you are interested, let us know. :)

Update on the job front: Well, things are shaping up this way. In talking to someone yesterday, the word was there would be at least ONE job in Dallas and possibly a 2nd one. Now, that could bode well for me since I work in the Dallas office. However, there are 4 other candidates besides me as well so there's some stiff competition. If there ends up being only one job in Dallas then my chances go down dramatically. We should know something in the next couple of weeks.

The great thing is that the Lord is giving me great peace about this situation as only HE CAN. It's wonderful to be able to praise the Lord on the way home from work yesterday and mean every word of it. Especially in singing the Don Moen song "God is good all the time". Yes he is - ALL THE TIME!!! Our prayer is that whatever the Lord has in store for me on this, he will make it OBVIOUS real soon what those plans are. Please join us in that prayer if you will. More to come as I get information...

God bless you all,