Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Tall and the Short of it !

Ok, after much time off, I'm back onto blogging. I couldn't think of a better picture to start with than this one.

Hopefully you'll get a giggle of it like I did. It's the world's tallest (7'-9") and shortest men (2'-4")meeting together for the first time.

Funny, huh??

Ok family-wise we are doing great. Loving our summer break from school. Tyler will be starting a new school when he starts 1st grade in late August. I'm excited to see how he does but I'm very optimistic. Colby will be returning to Circle of Friends but (and he will tell you this) he gets to go "UPSTAIRS" where the big kids go this year. Brady will be joining him too at COF so that should be fun.

My brother, Randy and his family have completed their work in Benin and are now back living in the Ft. Worth area. It is SO great to have them back. I've missed hanging out with my brother and being able to talk to him on a regular basis. Plus it is great for my boys to have another aunt and uncle to play with as well as 4 fun cousins!! It was great hanging out some last week when I was on vacation with Lael and Jonathan especially since I don't know them very well. I can't wait to see my boys developing strong relationships with Tori, Timothy, Jonathan and Lael. Oh, and Lael had her 2nd BD yesterday so Happy Birthday to her.

Better go for now. It's good to be back.

God bless you all,