Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Family update - Another funny video

We've had a fun last few days with family and friends in town (read more by going to Kendra's blog). Tonight, I'm at home with a sick Tyler while Kendra, Colby and Brady are with some other family who are in town from New Mexico. Then we head out of town on Friday to go to Amarillo to visit Kendra's grandmother for the day and we will end up in Littlefield (where my parents live) on Friday evening. There, we will hook up with my twin brother and his family as well as with my older brother and his family, along with my parents of course. Should be a great weekend together with all of them and I'm looking forward it. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share then.

Ok, here's a video that I thought was funny. Just click on the red X and you will be linked to another website. From there, the video should start - if it doesn't, click on the arrow button to start the video. Turn the sound up on your PC. Enjoy !! Hee Hee

God bless you all,