Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Ads

Ok, I enjoy the Super Bowl ads each year. Some years are better than others. This was not that year though in my opinion. Here are my favorites from yesterday and why:

(in order of favorite: 1=best, 10=good)

1. Budweiser "Streaker Sheep" - this was funny especially if you have the history of these horses playing football. I love the line "Oh, we didn't need to see that!".
2. Budweiser "Baby Horse" - this was the best "ahhhh" commercial of the day. Again, if you have the history of the clydesdales in these commercials, it was a fun addition.
3. FedEx "Caveman" - loved the line "not my problem" because how many times have we all heard that from our bosses.
4. Sprint "Crime Deterrent" - ok, call me a company homer but I laughed out loud on this. It went along with the "violent attack" theme from other commercials. It made me and the rest of our party laugh.
5. Career Builder "I work with a bunch of jackasses too" - If you have the history of the guy who "works with a bunch of monkeys", then this addition is funny to you.
6. Michelob "Guy tackling girl in football game" - again, a "violent attack" themed ad but it was funny because of how shockingly violent the hits between the guy and the girl was. Almost a little "Terry Tate" like for those who remember that ad from a few years ago.
7. Ameriquest "They killed him" - If you notice the tag line of "Don't be too quick to judge", it really played nice with the funny scene of the doctor killing the fly on top of the man in the hospital bed. Loved the girl who is so shocked that she let the balloon go.
8. Bud Light "Magic fridge" - Silly but funny and made us all laugh
9. Budweiser "Fans in the stadium" - this one isn't getting alot of play and it wasn't funny. It was just a cool visual using fans in the stadium to play out the visual of the beer going from the bottle to the glass. Kendra and I watched it and said, "That was cool" so it made the list.
10. Ameriquest "Airplane Uncomfortable moment" - Again, remember the tag line of "Don't be too quick to judge" and this one is funny. She's simply trying to go to the bathroom without interrupting a man's sleep and she ends up in a very awkward position.

Honorable Mentions:
1. Sierra Mist "Lady making noise with security wand"
2. Nationwide "Fabio turns old quick"
3. Career Builder "Sales going bad" (not as funny as the other Career Builder commercials in the past)
4. MasterCard "McIver" - if you know who McIver is from the late 80's TV show, this made you slightly giggle. If you don't, you say "uhhh".
5. Bud Light - "Hiding beer in the office" - funny b/c the violent nature in the way people are hunting for beer and the violent tackle at the end

Bad ones:
1. Whopperettes!! How stupid was that!!!!
2. Both Diet Pepsi ads - lame but a good advertiser!
3. The 2nd Sprint ad (fire on couch) was stupid!! Sorry Mr. Sprint CEO!! Can I still keep my job for saying that?
4. Hummer H3 Monster ad - just creepy!!

Let me know what you thought!!

God bless you all,