Monday, January 09, 2006

Who's going - Who's leaving?

As a Cowboys fan, I was glad to hear that Bill Parcells will be back as head coach for at least another year, if not two. Even though we disappointly (?) missed the playoffs this year, the year was SO much better than last year. I think he's got things headed in the right direction. Look at this weekend's Wild Card games: Washington beats Tampa Bay. We should have beaten the Redskins back on Monday Night early on in the season. NY Giants lose to Carolina. We killed the Giants early on, got beat by them in the final few weeks of the season and then we beat the Panthers. The Seahawks have home field advantage I think and we should have beaten them. So if we can keep up the momentum into next year, fix our offensive line, find another good safety, a decent kicker and maybe a speed wideout, then we'd be on our way. Either way, I'm just glad I don't have to suffer through another coaching change. It will come one day but not when we are getting close to being a contender each year.

As an A&M fan, it thrills me to see Vince Young leave Texas for the NFL draft. That just means the Aggies have a shot to beat them which they never really did as long as Vince was on the field. There was a time when I belived that that college players should finish their 4 years and get their degree. I resisted players leaving early. Then it hit me - why did I go to college? I did it to get a better paying job than I probably would have got if I had not. So if you are offered a $20 million signing bonus, I can't think of too many jobs that would offer that. So you have to leave when you have the chance. Vince's stock probably could get higher but then again, what about the injury issue? If it was my son, I centerainly would recommend he consider taking a shot at the NFL. And that's not just a greedy father talking!! :)

Ok, there's my 2 cents on Parcells and Young. Who agrees? Who disagrees?

God bless you all,