Saturday, April 14, 2007

Peanuts, Peanuts - Gotcha Peanuts!!

The joys of having a blog is being able to write about things that I would often not want to talk about. Today is one of those funny entries...

Tyler, Colby and Brady are just a blast these days. We just finished a wrestling session with ALL THREE boys and it was so fun for me. I love getting Brady in on the action and he seems to love it too. Tyler and Colby have always been great wrestling partners, trying to "Beat Daddy" and it's just fun memories we are making.

But today's post is about another topic involving my boys. When you have boys, it's inevitable that body parts become a point of discussion for one reason or another. Guess that's the joy of boys although I'm sure girls have their body part discussions too. So, for the sake of this conversation (and to avoid having filters keeping you from reading this), I'll refer to that part as "peanuts" instead of using the real name.

Part of that came from Tyler running from the parking lot to church singing a song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Playhouse Disney TV. Imagine Tyler running fast and singing "Shake it, shake it, shake your peanuts". Now, Mickey was really referring to the nuts (stop the jokes now and grow up! HA) but when you hear Tyler say it, it just doesn't sound good. Especially running up to the church building. You try it - say it real fast (you don't have to run!!) and see if those in the other room don't raise an eyebrow.

Another story involving Tyler and his peanuts. Last week, we called my parents to wish them a happy Easter. In that conversation, my Dad asked Tyler about playing soccer on Saturday. My dad made a joke with Tyler (the kind Tyler can really relate to and thinks is really funny) and then it got interesting. Here's how it went:

Papa: So Tyler did you have fun at soccer today?
Tyler: Yes
Papa: Did you kick the ball?
Tyler: Yeah
Papa: Did you kick it with your bottom? (being funny)
Tyler: (begins laughing) No, Papa. I didn't hit it with my stinky bottom!
(oops - here it goes - the door has been opened for body part talk)
Tyler: And I didn't hit it with my stinky "peanuts" !!

Whoa, whoa!!!!! - Happy Easter Nana and Papa!!! Yikes!!!! I think we ended that phone conversation fairly quickly and then had a good laugh later. Not sure if my parents heard what Tyler said or if they just chose to ignore it which was probaly best! (especially on Easter Sunday!! HA)

But it's not all Tyler. Tonight, I'm hearing the boys getting in the bath and I hear Kendra say, "No Colby, we don't touch another person's "peanuts"!!" Yikes Part II!!! Oh well, I'm sure it was just Colby being silly because something was dangling and he thought it would be fun to watch it bounce. Ok, I know that was too much information, but again I can type it - just not talk about it!!

It is baseball season I suppose so maybe that's why we have so much discussion of "peanuts" around here. There are other stories too but I'm not recalling them right which is probably best for us all!

God bless you all,