Thursday, January 06, 2005

Halftime Shows

There's alot of news out right now about the halftime show from Tuesday night's College Football National Championship game. That's on the heals of the last 11 months of Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" discussion.

The fact of the matter - I hate all of these halftime shows. You can talk to me about ratings, money, entertainment but to me if I'm watching a FOOTBALL game, I really could care less about the halftime show. I really don't know that many non-football fans who tune into this game for the halftime show. My wife is certainly among those who have better things to do. Now, if you were to showcase a "Halftime Marching Band Experience - Fans you get to vote" show, she'd be there. I think they ought to consider just putting the 2 college's marching bands and let's showcase them. For the Super Bowl, we ought to spend time dissecting the game, reviewing the 1st half commercials or maybe having a "here's the Best college band in the country" reward. We don't need any more lip-synching, heavy metal, cheap entertainment doing the newest hit and some greatest oldie with cheap dancers dress in ridiculous outfits (did you see the girl dancers dressed like football players Tuesday night!!) Think of all the money that is spent on that show. What a waste in my opinion.

Give me the Texas A&M Fightin' Aggie Band for 30 min. and I'd be happy. The rest is nothing more than something to make fun of the morning after. Am I alone on this?

God bless you all,


Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Comeback Kid

Joe Namath comes to mind. Gasp! even John Kerry got the title. But today I'm officially announcing myself (and my blog) as the "Comeback Kid". I've been on a blog hiatus for several months now primarily due to some work priorities that made it difficult to make my daily blogging a priority. I know, I know - where are my priorities, huh? Well, I'm back and I'm hoping to start off '05 well into the blog community. Over the holidays, I had many moments of "Wow, that would make a good blog topic" so I think I still got it. Thanks for welcoming me back to the blog fold. It feels good again.

Here are top 10 blog observations I made over the holidays that I thought you'd enjoy:
  1. Saw the Polar Express - it's a must-see over and over again. If you have a child who can walk and who has eyes, please take them or you are doing them a disservice. I will buy it and it has now become a holiday classic in my house already. If the studio is smart, they will release it every year at Christmas not just in DVD format but also on the big screen.
  2. Locally, the Grapevine Railroad put together a Polar Express excursion for families that was great. It included an actual 30 min. train ride, reading of the book and kids in pajamas. So cool and very "holidayish". Thanks Mom and Dad for treating us all!!
  3. I love driving around and looking at Christmas lights. Thankfully I did not know that my wife doesn't enjoy this very much or I might not have married her !! HA It's one of my favorite things to do during the holidays.
  4. I am a Christmas light snob. I will drive around and look at lights and criticize them most of the time. Not even Amy Grant or Bing Crosby can change my thought process. "Those lights look crooked." "Don't use so many multi-color lights" "If you are going to do icicle lights, please don't use blue ones" "Nice try but the small lights on the house are too small. You need to have C9's only OK!" Sorry - I just can't help it.
  5. I love traditions at Christmas. I love doing the ones we've had for years and I love even making new ones. This year at my in-laws, we put together a gingerbread house. How fun was that!!! My 3 yr old got so into it. My mind kept racing 15 years ahead when he's coming home from college and is telling all his buddies about the gingerbread house tradition. I love my Mom's love for Christmas traditions. We play this game with paper sacks and the reading of the "Night before Christmas". It takes all of 5 min. to play but I love the fact we do it EVERY year. Growing up we didn't have that many traditions so most of these have been within the last 10-12 years since I was either in college or shortly thereafter. But I'm so glad we've started them.
  6. I finally saw "It's a Wonderful Life". well...... why is this such a HUGE Christmas tradition? Oh well, I can now say I own the DVD and I've seen it. Maybe I'll introduce it to my kids when they get older so they can say they've seen it.
  7. My 3 yr. old can now quote lines from "Santa Clause 2" - the movie with Tim Allen. I got that for myself this year to watch b/c I like the movie. My son watched it with me one time and he was hooked!! I love it!!! I love to hear him imitating the robotic Santa saying "Hot Cocoa - I like it" - so cute coming from a 3 yr. old.
  8. If you are ever in the Dallas area within the 1st 2 weeks of December, you must attend the Dallas Christmas Festival at Prestonwood Baptist Church. That's another tradition that my Mom has started over the last couple of years. It's like going to a Broadway production - so incredible. The sets, costumes, music, acting, etc. Tickets go on sale every October and it sales out most years so order early.
  9. I'm struggling to answer the question: "What is your favorite Christmas song?" Everytime I think of one, I hear another that takes 1st place. "Chesnuts roasting..." "Jingle Bells" "I'm dreaming of a..." "O Holy Night" and the list goes on an on. If you have one, I'd love to hear your list.
  10. Speaking of "O Holy Night". I'm sorry to be another snob here but I can't help it. I've only heard 2 renditions of this great and powerful song that were done right, in my opinion of course. Michael Crawford is my favorite. He's the Phantom of the Opera guy whose song is on one of my favorite holiday CD's - David Foster's Christmas. It's great. The other version is by Mariah Carey on her Christmas album - she's 2nd place. After that, I haven't heard anything that comes close to either of those. And, sorry and no offense intended, but the man at the First Baptist Church in Midland, TX who sang it at the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service just didn't cut it. At one point, I screamed out loud to myself (ever had those moments that no one else hears but they are loud to you?) "Please sir!! If you are going to try to sing this song, take some lessons. You are ruining my Christmas !!" I wanted to pipe in Michael Crawford into the sound system. By the way, a secret tradition I have is every year I put in the Crawford version and CRANK the CD player so loud. It gives me chills to hear him especially at the end of the song. Of course, I only do this when I'm by myself. My wife doesn't have the same appreciation for the decibel level that I enjoy.

So there you go. Sorta lengthy but hey, it's been a while and I have alot on my blog mind.

God bless you all,