Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mothes and Noah

Last night, Colby and I stayed home from church. Colby was experiencing cold-like symptoms so we thought it was best that he not go. I stayed home with him while Kendra and Tyler went on to church.

We started our evening (Colby and I) by watching "Mothes" which is Colby's way of saying he wants to watch the "Prince of Egypt" movie that came out several years ago. Yeah it's not an exact following of the biblical story but it's really close and I love to watch it. So we had our "Bible" time by watching that. It was great. Just the 2 of us kicking back and watching a movie together. At one point, I laid on the floor with my head propped up on our hearth while Colby sat on the hearth next to me. I asked him if he wanted to sit next to me and he said "Yeth". So he sat next to me and we looked like twins. He wanted to lay there just like Daddy was doing - mimicking my every move. It was so cute.

After the movie, we took some medicine, got his PJ's on and then sat down to read a story about Noah. It was cute to see him go through and name all the different animals. I loved watching him act like a giraffe by stretching his neck out as far as it would go. After we read it once, we did our traditional thing of reading the book "one-mo-time" but faster. It's cute to watch him laugh so much.

Colby is very funny and animated so times like this are always a treat. I certainly enjoyed it.

God bless you all,