Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SJ Makeover / No Jacket Required !

Ok, I probably need alot of "makeovers" in my life but this was the easiest one to do without having to shell out alot of money or giving up chips & salsa at On the Border !!

I decided to give Smooth Johnny a new look. Just a little different. I think it's a "cleaner" look. And my pictures actually have frames around them automatically which I like. The biggest change that should make those SJBlog faithful happy is I think when you want to make a comment now, you don't have to go through an extra step like you did on my old version. I know it was frustrating but I never could change it. Apparently it was the template that I had used at the very beginning. So there you go - a new Smooth Johnny!

Before I go, I want to give you some travel observations from my recent trips to both Lubbock and Minnesota (both work-related):
  1. Is there a company out there that actually makes the fabric for the airplane chairs or is that just the leftover scraps from some fabric mill?
  2. When the pilot comes on and says "Sorry folks, we just have a minor mechanical failure on the plane", it's hard not to sit up and take notice. (in our case it was just the flight attendant's seat that was broken which probably could have been explained that way the first time!)
  3. Upon leaving DFW Monday morning, I got a glimpse of Ms. USA 2006... oh... I mean Ms. SENIOR USA 2006. (and I don't mean senior in high school) Don't worry dear - no lusting after the flesh !! It was all wrinkled anyway !!) :-)
  4. We have Wendy's Texas Double-Cheese Burgers. In Minnesota, they have Caribou Coffee! Scoreboard: Texas 1, Minnesota 0
  5. If I was extremely wealthy, I might figure out a way to walk around life on one of those horizontal people movers !! You know the ones that look like escalators but they just help you walk faster through an airport. Those are awesome!! Of course, then I'd REALLY need a makeover! (no jokes please!!)
  6. No Jacket Required: "This is your pilot. Welcome to Minneapolis folks. Today's temperature is 57 degrees and there's a light rain falling". BLESSED !!!
  7. Seeing the non-smoking logo in the plane makes me wonder - what was life like when people DID smoke on airplane!! Can't imagine.
  8. My cell phone is outdated! I can't check email on it and everyone in the world was doing it. But do I want to be that connected?
  9. I flew into Minnesota. Caught a connecting flight into Wisconsin. Then drove a rental car back to Minnesota. Ate out in Wisconsin. Went back to work in Minnesota. Ate dinner in Wisconsin again. Left Minnesota. Flew out of Wisconsin back to Minnesota. Scoreboard again: Texas 2, Minnesota/Wisconsin 0 (I really like how big Texas is !!)
  10. Being greeted by my wife and kids in the driveway upon my return: Priceless!!

God bless you all,