Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brady's Birthday Party

On Friday night, we were fortunate to have a family birthday party for sweet little Brady who just turned one on Thursday. Here are some photos of his party. We made his cake to match his "birthday party hat" which was a blue dog.

We sure love this little guy !! Happy Birthday again Brady Boo!!
God bless you all,

Happy Birthday Tyler Man !!

Happy Birthday Tyler !! It was Tyler's birthday yesterday on March 10th. Once again, I'm amazed that I have a 6 year old. Tyler is a tremendous gift from God and we are blessed to call him our son. He's had an incredible journey through life over these last 6 years and God has truly been at work in Tyler. We love this guy so much!
Tyler had a football theme for his birthday party. It was somewhat of a surprise to us that he asked for this theme but we were glad to accomodate his request. It was so fun.

We started out with the kids playing a "Punt, Pass and Kick contest". Each kid got to "punt" the ball over the crossbar either by kicking it or throwing it. Then they got to pass the ball through the hoops for a prize. It was a little harder on the 2nd round when the hoops were moving !! Then it was onto the "kick" contest. Each kid got to kick the ball off the tee and then go stand where their ball landed.

After this, we gathered for the "Down, Set, Hunt" egg hunt. We had some fun easter eggs that were decorated like footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, etc. Each was filled with a prize of course.

Then it was on to the flag football game. Our friends Traci and Cory supplied us with the flags for the game of the Red Team vs Yellow Team. It was funny to me that they both showed up in red and yellow shirts (accidentally) so I assigned them to be coaches of their respective team colors. They did a great job. I played the dual job of referee and "all-time QB" for both teams.

Then it was the 4th Quarter - Ice cream and cake time !! We did our best to put together a football cake that Tyler would like and I think we did a fairly good job. My wife has alot of patience in the decorating department and I appreciate her skills for that. Tell us what you think about our cake !!

So that was the football party and we think it turned out to be a lot of fun. Of course, it's always fun to have family in town to celebrate with. We were so excited to have Kendra's parents in town for the weekend. Tyler loves having his grandparents around and this weekend was no exception. Here's a great photo of the 3 of them together.

Again, we are certainly blessed by this guy. Tyler brings us all so much joy and so many good laughs. Thank you God for this tremendous blessing !!

God bless you all,