Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Last Baby Name Poll


One last poll for the Blog World on our Baby #3 name. If you need to, check through some of the past blog entries from 10/24 and 10/14 in the archive section to the right.

Here's some names so let us know your thoughts:
  1. Phillip McClure Vaughn
  2. Brandon McClure Vaughn
  3. Brady McClure Vaughn
  4. Reagan McClure Vaughn
  5. Garrison McClure Vaughn
  6. Andrew McClure Vaughn - call him "Andy"
  7. Matthew McClure Vaughn
  8. Kaleb McClure Vaughn
  9. Daniel McClure Vaughn
  10. Nathan McClure Vaughn

Give us your vote!! Oh, and by the way, the name that we think is going to be the winner is in that list above - let's see how many of you can guess it. If you've talked to us recently, don't spoil it for the rest - just vote and you'll look the smartest!

God bless you all,


Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

The pictures above are the carved pumpkins that have been outside our front door since Thursday of last week. This has been a 2nd year tradition for us - to carve pumpkins. This year, there was no question on how we wanted to decorate them given the boys' excitement for Superman and Batman.

Maybe since I can't make great birthday cakes like my two brothers, I can at least have some fun with pumpkins!! HA

This weekend, we went to a "Fall Festival" at the Grapevine Church of Christ on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun with bounce houses, train rides and lots of candy. It's a smaller church than Richland Hills but they did a GREAT job in putting this event on. Seemed like the whole church was involved from the kids helping to the senior citizens handing out candy in the upstairs trick-or-treat hallway. My boys loved it!!

Tonight, Richland Hills will be having their Fall Fest if the rain doesn't interfere. Hopefully it won't! The boys are excited to wear their costumes again. Can't wait to see them - they are so cute.

Anyway, that's our weekend. More to come on the Baby Boy #3 name - we are close to an announcement. Check back later this week !!

God bless you all,