Friday, June 11, 2004

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Ok, some more for the opening ceremonies...

I'm so excited that I get a date with my wife tonight. We are part of a "date group" where some couples get to go out on a real date while some of the couples watch all the kids. It's a great concept for those who are in need of a date with their spouse. My wife's name is Kendra and we have 2 wonderful boys, Tyler and Colby. Here are some more details:

- Married on December 6, 1997
- Current member of Richland Hills Church of Christ (
- Work at Sprint (the telecom giant!) in Irving, Texas (Las Colinas) - (
- Graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1991 (
(tired of all the links yet?)

Can't wait to get home this weekend to watch some of the Reagan funeral footage I recorded today. It's been an amazing week to watch our country come together. Kinda nice, huh? Sad that it takes death to do that. Oh well, I'm sure the back-biting and name calling will be here Monday. Wasn't the pagentry and formalities cool to watch? I was attached to Fox ( !! HA)or MSNBC every night just to see who they were interviewing.

Oh well, better go get to my date with Kendra !! Check back next week for more info ...

God Bless you all,


Opening Ceremonies - June 11, 2004

I just found out how to start my own Blog. I think that sounds very "internetishy" but it's something I thought I'd look into. Sounds like a fun way to share what's going on in my head from goofy to serious thoughts.

By the way, the title of my Blog is "Smooth Johnny Talk". Wanna know the history behind that? One day I was playing golf with my friend Deb and we were playing with a group of guys that we didn't know. On the 3rd hole, one of the guys let me use his Big Bertha driver for fun. After I hit it once, the guy said, "Nice shot. You've got a good swing" He let me hit another one (must have been a slow day on the course!) and after the 2nd swing, he exclaimed the now infamous phrase, "Wow, that's smooth Johnny!" After walking down the fairway, my friend said, "I think he thinks your name is Johnny and not Donny". I thought she was joking until the next few holes he kept referring to me as "Johnny". Well the nickname stuck between Deb and I. She often refers to me as "Smooth Johnny" so I thought it sounded funny especially when you think of how ironic that sounds if you know me. I may be alot of things but smooth is not a great description. I'll let those of you who know me, fill in the blanks with your own description.

So there you go. Smooth Johnny Talk is born.

God bless,