Saturday, July 08, 2006

New blog "family" members and RFKC

Don't forget to check out some new links I've added to some new bloggers in our family.

My brother's family in Lubbock has a blog site that is fun to read. This is my older brother, Gary, my sister-in-law Toni and their great 3 beautiful girls, Laura, Hailey and Garyn. You've seen their pictures on my July 4th post. Always enjoy to see what's going on with the Vaughn5!

My sister-in-law has added one. If you are ever down, take a peek at Monica's blog and you'll usually get a good laugh or some fun family photos. Welcome aboard Aunt Moni!! Or should I say "Granny Moni"!!! (read her blog to understand)

Our other favorite "family" member is our "Church Lady" friend. Traci Church is our crazy friend who feels like a part of our family sometimes. We are truly blessed by Traci and her husband Cory. Traci has a unique story with our family. Traci grew up across the street from where we live. As part of her growing up years, she spent an extremely large amount of time in this house with the Newstrom family who were the previous owners. Kendra knew Traci's mom from a school-related connection. And since we've moved in back in 2000, we've been blessed to get to know Traci. Traci provides some great and wonderful childcare to our boys on a regular basis. Our boys are crazy about Ms. Traci. So it's pretty cool that she spent so much time in this house before we even got here - there's no wonder that our family feels so good about having her around. (I won't mention the recent backdoor incident though!! HA) Tyler was even in Traci and Cory's wedding a few years back (what is it - 2 years now?). We look forward to many more years of having Traci and Cory around this house. Especially since they are so good at PlayStation games too !! I'll definitely tap into that knowledge in a few years when we enter that market so get ready Church Lady!! We are certainly blessed. Her blog is new but should be a fun read as it develops.

By the way, start praying now for the last week in July. Today, I'm attending training for our summer camp known as Royal Family Kids Camp. It's a camp that our church has been involved with since 1999 and I've been every year except one (the year we went to Africa). Kendra has been 3 years as well so it holds a special place in the heart of our family. Read more about what RFKC is all about. This year's camp is from July 23-28. Please pray for:

  1. A good week for the campers
  2. A good week for an older and slower counselor (that's me!)
  3. A good week for Tyler and Colby who will be spending time with Nana and Papa (my sweet parents)
  4. A good week for Kendra and Brady who get some special time together
  5. A sweet reunion with my family on Friday of that week. I usually can't wait for that day to come!
Ok, done for now. Thanks for letting me share.

God bless you all,

Monday, July 03, 2006

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins!!

Here are some fun "4th of July" pics we took of the cousins from Lubbock and my three sons!

(in order of appearance: Laura, Hailey, Garyn - top row; Tyler, Colby, Brady - bottom row)

God bless you all,

Happy 3rd of July !!

We've enjoyed having my brother's family in from Lubbock last night and today. We've enjoyed lots of swim time, cookie making (a Vaughn family tradition no matter what time of year it is!), relaxation and even a trip for some to Garden Ridge! HA Gary, Toni, Laura, Hailey and Garyn have been great to have around. Here are some photos we took:

The night the Lubbock crew arrive, we went out to eat at Double Dave's pizza buffet.

That's Toni on the left with me and Hailey. Garyn and Colby and Kendra are on the right.

Garyn getting fed some pizza by one of her biggest admirers, Colby!! He just loves her.

Cousins Hailey and Colby in the swimming pool together. They had so much fun today!

Uncle Gary was making little Brady smile while Hailey was holding him. Brady thinks Uncle G is pretty funny!

Uncle Gary and cousin Garyn "gettin' some air" in the pool! I think this was to help spark the same with Tyler and Colby but they didn't really seem to see the joy of being thrown across the pool by their uncle!

Uncle Gary and Tyler having some fun swimming in the pool.

Cousin Laura in a precious moment with a very tired Brady!

More pictures to come on another entry!