Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smooth Johnny Blog - Episode III - Revenge of the ...

Ok, the title of this blog entry is cheezy. This is my 3rd entry into the world of blog. I started my original blog last summer. Then stopped in the fall. Picked back up in January only for a short while and now I'm back. And, no, this Episode III will not promise to have a darker side or answer all the questions. But it might provide some insight from time to time or make you laugh. Either way, I'd love your comments.

The two handsome little dudes you see are my two boys. I don't exactly recall when this was taken although my scrapbooking wife would probably know date, time down to the hour. Tyler is 4 and Colby is 2. Both are funny in their own ways and they get along fairly well. They are funny to watch play and as a Dad it's exciting to see how close they are even right now. It's cute.

Tyler is really into Buzz Lightyear from the old Toy Story movies. In fact, if you don't know who Buzz is after 3 minutes with Tyler than you have not been listening because he loves to talk about Buzz and the evil nemesis, Zurg. It's great to see how his imagination works. Tyler is making huge strides with some things that as a Dad I'm giddy about. They are simple things to most but to me they are fun to watch. We have a pool in our backyard. Last year Tyler would NOT put his face in the water at all. And jumping off the side of the pool into Daddy's arms - no way!! This year is different. He started out the year the same way. But maybe some swim lessons he had and then a little pushing from Dad, Mom and some peers, he finally did it!! The other night he jumped off the edge of the pool which was awesome. And he kept going back for me. I love those Daddy moments. Even broke out the video camera for that one. May never watch it again but it's on tape!!

Colby is silly but a little moody at times. I love to watch him dance and laugh. His laugh will make anyone laugh. He's tender but sometimes too tender for me. "I want Mommy" is about to drive me crazy. I do love it when I pick him and Tyler up on Tuesday afternoons (while Kendra works that one day) that he starts off with "I want Mommy". After I remind him where Mommy is, he then says "I want Pizza!!".

Yes, Cici's pizza is my new Tuesday night hangout with my boys. They love the pizza and they love the desserts. They also love going to play video games with Daddy after dinner so it's a cool place to have Boys Night Out. I think these will be special moments with me and my boys - they already are.

Well better go for now. It's good to back Luke and Obi-wan!!

God bless you all,