Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Three Sons - update!

Ok, I've been getting some grief on not updating my blog. I was actually waiting til tonight to do with digital pics of Colby's soccer game. However, it was postponed due to rain so I don't have live action pics. So I thought I would make this a post about each of them so here you go:

Tyler: Have we told you that Tyler is taking the bus home from school each day? It's really cute to watch him get off that bus (here he is one afternoon). I usually take him to school each morning and that's fun for me to do. He is doing great. We've heard through one of our friends who is good friends with his teacher that Tyler is just doing super in school. One story was that sometimes the teachers have to purposely NOT call on Tyler because he usually raises his hand and most of the time knows the answers to the questions!! Wow!! That makes me so proud. And considering Tyler's history, it truly makes me Praise God for how HE has walked along side Tyler through this whole experience.

We are so blessed with wonderful teachers and a wonderful crazy kid who seems to be soaking everything in right now (except for when we ask him to get ready for bed!! Lots of direction and redirection there!! HA). Continue to pray for Tyler in his kindergarten experience.

Colby: Mr. Soccer Star is just so much fun these days except for the fact that he's figured out how to talk back to Mommy and Daddy so he's in timeout alot!! Oh well, that's just part of it. But otherwise, he is doing great. He's enjoying his Circle of Friends experience on Tuesday and Thursdays but REALLY enjoys his time with Mommy on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays - they are developing a run relationship.

This picture really captures Colby's very cute and funny personality. He's holding a new toy that his Aunt Moni bought him. It's a Batman sword that makes noise as you move it around. He LOVES this toy. So much that he forgot that he's not an 80-yr grandpa!! HA He was getting ready for bed the other night and came out of his room looking like this with his red shorts pulled up extremely high. Of course, we laughed which only eggs Colby on so I had to get a picture. I'm sure he learned this from spending the night with his Uncle Aric!! Funny kid!!

But, of course, talking about Colby wouldn't be complete without talking soccer! I so wish I would have had digital pics from his first game last Saturday. Of course, most of the pics were of him staring off into space with all the other 3 yr olds !! HA If ANY parent takes this game seriously at this age, then they need counseling!! HA It's just about having fun and teaching them a few things. And then let's have fun and see what's for snack after the game!!

We are blessed that Colby's soccer coach is Coach Steve as in Steve Coan which some of you RHCC members will recognize. Steve's son Joshua is on the team. Since clearly I know as much about soccer as I do about a good diet plan, I'm simply there to encourage and help in practice when I can!!

But Colby is having fun. He got cool new soccer socks, soccer shoes, shin guards, and a fun new soccer ball. His team is called The Incredibles and he's #5 ! More digital pictures from the next game hopefully.

Brady: This guy is so cute but he needs some help in one particular area - VOLUME!!! The kid can make some noise and it's just loud. And it's not that he's crying real loud. He just likes to hear himself scream and it's piercing and annoying (there I said it!!!). But what can you do. We try various things but hope it's simply a phase. However, since he's just so cute, it's hard to hold it against him!! :-)

I've enjoyed some time with him today that I haven't got to have lately. He even snuggled with me for a while today which he never does with me. He's quite the charmer. The best is when you are driving down the road in our mini-van and he's located right behind the passenger seat. It's fun to look back there and he's positioned his head to where he's looking back over his right shoulder just to make eye contact with the driver. You may have to be there to experience it but it's very cute. Especially when he buries his head as if he's playing with you. Very fun!!

Here are several Brady photos that I thought you'd enjoy:

I will miss these guys and Kendra as I travel to Atlanta on Monday. It's just a one night stay so I'll be back Tuesday night. However, these kids are so cute these days that it's hard to even miss one night. Kendra and I are extremely blessed!

God bless you all,