Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Marketing Twins of Fort Worth to interview ZOE's Brandon Scott Thomas

Over 20 years ago, I was a sophmore at Abilene Christian University (ACU) in the fall of 1988 still trying to find my good lifelong friends. Somewhere in that fall semester a little curly-headed freshman entered my scene and his name was Brandon Scott Thomas. I don't recall exactly when or where we first met but I do know that I'm proud to call Brandon a true lifelong friend to this day. Brandon's got a great story and that's part of the reason that Randy and I (oh, we are The Marketing Twins in case you were wondering) were excited to interview Brandon as part of our Double Take LIVE Broadcast series on faith in the marketplace. The call is on Wednesday, October 29th at NOON CST.

Many of us have followed Brandon's career through ACU, Six Flags Shows (oh, those were the days), with the ZOE GROUP ministry and through his blog, brandonscottthomas.blogspot.com. I'm sure we all have several memories of Brandon and I'd love for you to comment about yours if you want to. (Keep it G-rated please!! HA)

Randy and I selected Brandon as someone to interview because (as many of you know), he's made a job change in the last year that's had a major impact on his life and the life of his family. We are so proud of Brandon and his accomplishments but what we really want to focus on is Brandon's faith in God and what role faith had in helping Brandon through this transition. I know everyone will be in for a special treat.

Make sure you tell all your ACU friends as well as the "BST Fan Club" (I just created that!) which I know is a large one. We hope to have many of you on the call not just to hear about Brandon, his family, the ZOE GROUP (but they do have a new CD out now!), and his ministry work with the arts. But the goal is to hear the name of Jesus be praised by someone whose faith in God is the perfect foundation for his new ministry.

It's a FREE call so register now: www.1429creative.com/doubletake

God bless you all,
(The Marketing Twin #2)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

anticipating a great week ahead. Looking forward to God's provision with new clients and new opportunities ahead for The Marketing Twins!

wondering why we keep spending $$ and high draft picks on DEFENSE when it stinks so bad! I'm on the "fire Wade" bandwagon & promote Jason G!

enjoyed waking up to my Pandora's Praise and Worship station and the sound of my kids waking up AFTER I did for the first time in weeks!