Friday, October 14, 2005

Boy #3 Name - Poll Vote

Family and Friends, we'd love to throw out a few first names for Boy #3 so you can cast your unofficial vote!! We are still working through names but I wanted to throw out several that we have tossed around so you could let us know what you think. Before you vote, you should probably know the middle name.

Several months ago, prior to even finding out we were expecting, I approached Kendra about an idea that had come to me. I felt that if we were to have another baby, and it was a boy, I wanted to pay honor to my late grandparents, Jim Ed and Maxine McClure. These are my mom's parents and they were great people!! Kendra had the privilege of knowing them for a short period of time but both passed before Tyler (our oldest) was even born. Now, I couldn't see naming the boy "Maxine" for fear that ... well... he might not see his 10th birthday!! HA And "Jim Ed" just wasn't the right fit unless we had plans to move out to the country, and purchase 100 head of cattle and four pigs!! :) (sorry, buddy, don't see it happenin'!!!!)

Therefore, our boy's middle name will be McClure. Maybe a bit formal sounding but I know that he will carry the same sweet spirit that these 2 wonderful people had. Of course, I lovingly referred to the people as my great "Nana and Pop". My mother has blessed this idea as well which makes it even more special.

So, onto the voting!! Send us your comments. We are not finished with the name process which is why we are offering option #4:

1) Nathan McClure Vaughn
2) Brandon McClure Vaughn
3) Andrew McClure Vaughn - he will be known as "Andy" or "A-Mac" if Daddy get his wish!! :)
4) ______ McClure Vaughn (we'll let you fill in the blank with your favorite write-in vote)

So, let us hear from you America!! The due date will be here before you know it!

God bless you all,

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Baby #3 - the results are in !!

Well, the results are in!! It's a boy!!! We had our sonogram this morning and we found out that our little baby is another great looking Vaughn boy!! It's so fun to think about having another boy because we seem to have that down pat. It's great to think that Tyler and Colby will have another boy to play with. Between me and the 3 boys, we have a great 2-on-2 BB pick up game waiting in the wings. As I told someone this morning though, I think Mother's Day just got elevated to Christmas level status!! Mom will be even more praised on Mom's special day. Kendra is the perfect mom for 3 boys. She's tough but so loving and wonderful to Tyler and Colby. She knows exactly what to say and do 98% of the time. I learn alot from watching her deal with them. Hope #3 knows what he's getting into !! :)

Can we be frank for a moment? Is there some level of disappointment in both Kendra and I that our little baby is not Baby Sydney, our little precious daughter? Sure there is. We've had the name "Sydney" picked out since Tyler was born (we didn't find out with the first 2 so we always had to go into delivery day with both girl and boy names!). We've longed to have a little girl someday. At this point, it's just not the Lord's will. And we want to follow His will so we are excited about Boy #3. But it's OK to be sad just a little because of the thoughts we all have had. That goes to all of our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even our friends. We won't be offended if you are sad as well. Just know that through all the emotions, we are thrilled about our little boy and can't wait for the end of February/first of March to arrive.

So, here's a quick photo we grabbed with my Sprint phone. They were not allowing video cameras in the room anymore but we did manage to snap a quick photo of the actual sonogram for those who would want to see it. It's not the best quality but it does give you a sneak peak!! (don't worry though, the private parts didn't make the photo!! Hee hee)

Naming this hunk of a man is the next phase. I don't want to go around calling him "it" and neither does Kendra. We are close to getting that figured out. So check back to the blog for another entry when we feel the Lord has given us his new name. If you have any suggestions, send 'em through by offering a comment. Maybe I'll run a poll just to see what everyone is thinking. Love you all and thanks for your support and encouragement.

God bless you all,


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Job Update

Here's an update on the job status. (Click here if you need the earlier post). We found out recently that there will be ONE Dallas job and possibly TWO in the current group that I support. That's not great news because with one job, I have a colleague who is higher rated performance-wise than I am. If there are 2 jobs, we don't expect them to name 2 legacy Sprint employees but instead of probably have one legacy Sprint and one legacy Nextel employee. Now, all that said, the Lord can do whatever HE wants!! HA Actually, I'm still very much at peace with this situation. It's a little awkward to have everyone around here asking about their jobs (and even some finding out that they aren't getting selected), but it's been a great time to start talking about how the Lord is giving me great peace! The Lord has opened that door for sure.

We also heard today that if we are notified that we have not been selected for one of the few jobs out there, our last day would be 10/31/05. For me, that would mean my severance would start November 1st. We will see if that applies to everyone but that's what I'm planning on.

So, continue to pray for peace, for a clear obvious answer and for all of us here who are wondering where we will be in the next few weeks. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

God bless you all,