Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day !

Ok, it's almost like Christmas Eve right now... just hours away from one of the most special days of the year... FATHER'S DAY!! :) Wow- what a fun day for me. Now, it's not because I love having a day devoted to me (yeah, right!), it's because I get to enjoy being a father to three great boys! This day is more of a reminder for me of the special relationship I have with Tyler, Colby and Brady. I love those 3 boys so much.

I'll keep this one short tonight... gotta get plenty of rest for the big day tomorrow!! Happy Father's Day Dad - hope Littlefield treats you well tomorrow! Same to you Gary, Randy, Larry, George, Lance, Darrell, Gregg, Chris, Don, Dennis, Doug, Kirk, and all the other great fathers I know out there.

God bless you all,