Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Colby's School Time !!

Today is a day that can't go without updating the blog to show Colby on his first day of school !! Ok, it's not Kindergarten but it is special because Colby gets to go to "church school" (aka Circle of Friends at the Legacy Church of Christ) all by himself - no big brother to go with him like last year. Doesn't he look like a big boy in this picture!! Or as Colby would say "when I get bigger, and bigger, and bigger like Ty-yer" - cutest way he describes how he can't wait to be as big as his older brother.

Colby was very excited about his first day back to COF. I was fortunate to meet the teachers last week (for those who spend any time around Colby you just laughed at that phrase "last week"). Ms. Potter and Ms. Janacke (Ja-knack-ee) are wonderful and will be great for little Colby Joe. He really likes them. He's in there with alot of his friends from last year: Maci (the girl who kisses him!! yiggeeeee!!), Luke (his buddy who he fights over toys with which explains why sometimes he loves Luke and he other times we hear "I don't like Luke." HA), Savanah and so many others. He has friends Jack David (that's just one name) and also a new friend, Cade. Cade is the son of one of my ACU college friends, Marilyn (Williams) and her husband David. It's great to run into them from time to time up there.

Here are some other pictures from Colby's first day back that Mommy took.

I think this is Jack David but I'm sure I'll be corrected by his Mommy if I'm wrong so check the comments to make sure.

They are standing in front of their baskets where all of their personal items are kept. Ms. Potter decorated her room up with a "rodeo" theme which Colby thought was cool when I took him to meet the teachers "last week"! (Can't help myself!! Inside joke). In fact, they asked for a picture of Colby so they could put in on his basket to help identify it. The only picture we could find of just Colby (without his brothers in it) that we thought would work was one of him sitting on a saddle out at his Uncle Aric's parent's farm house. He has a red cowboy hat on with a toy gun in his hand. Cute picture but didn't know it would be so fitting til we got there. Beats all the parents who brought their Sears/Kiddie Kandid shots which is what it's all about !!! HA

The way Kendra described this one to me was Colby not being very excited about having an orange colored bandana that was part of a gift basket that Ms. Potter made for each of the kids.

If you haven't been around Colby... he can have an opinion about things. I mean, just last week... (HA - I did it again!!)

Here's the great Ms. Potter. I don't think she was posing for the picture although it made me giggle when I first saw it.

I think Colby probably had been staring at that orange bandana for a good couple of minutes wondering why he can't the "wed one".

Like I said, Joe's got an opinion!!

NOTE: For those wondering, "Joe" is just a little nickname a friend of ours gave him and it's stuck with me. His real name is Colby David Vaughn. But I like to call him my little Colby Joe!!!

And finally, my favorite picture of them all !! Nothing like a good self-portrait with the digital camera.

Don't these two look great !! What a handsome dude and hot chick!!!!! (That's my sweet wife for those new to Smooth Johnny!)

As I close, I'm reminded of Colossians 3:12 that says, "Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." When I think of little Colby Joe, I love how God has clothed him already with many of these great attributes. I told him tonight how proud I was of him for being a big, big boy by going to school all by himself. It makes my heart swell as I think about how much God is going to bless Colby this year in COF. Please continue to pray for Colby that he is a light to his friends and God opens his mind to learning lots of cool, new things this year.

God bless you all,