Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hey Mom, I have a tooth !!!

Here's a quick post and update on our three boys. Sorry - no time for pics on this one... more later.

TYLER - he finished his 1st full week of Kindergarten and did GREAT!! I am so proud of that guy. I've made it my plan to take him to school each day since it works out in my normal time to leave for work. So beyond the first day when Kendra and I both took him (see last post), I took him by myself the other four days. And, just like an old pro, I just dropped that little guy off at the curb and he'd say, "Bye Dad - love you", put on his backpack and march his way into the building like he's been doing it for years. So confident. And so much fun for me to watch. We got a cool update over the weekend that on Friday, some folks from the Special Education department came in to observe the classroom since it's a new program at Spring Garden. This class is called a Blended-K class and is where a few "special" kids like Tyler are blended in with other K-ready kids along with a special teacher (Mrs. Wotring in Tyler's case) who is there to give them a boost. Anyway, apparently the administrators could pick out 2 of the 3 "special" kids but couldn't make out the 3rd one. And guess which one that was?? That's right - they couldn't pick out that #3 was Tyler. For once I was glad my son wasn't so special !!! HA Seriously though, it says alot to me that Tyler is making this transition nicely. We praise God for that. We claim His continued faithfulness in seeing Tyler through each and every day this year. His angels were certainly with Tyler-man every day last week!! Blessed be HIS name!!

COLBY - I don't know much about David Beckham and Pele' but the history books better get ready for another soon-to-be household name: Colby Joe Vaughn!!! Yes, we've decided to enroll lit'l Colby in the local YMCA soccer program. (Tyler's not interested) Colby likes soccer and even more so likes dressing up like a soccer player. He likes the long clown socks from the dress-up bin as his favorite soccer player socks. Should be lots of fun. Play starts in September so plenty of pics and stories are sure to come.

We are excited also that Colby is in our Sunday Morning Bible class at RHCC this year. This marks the 3rd straight year we've taught one of the 3-4 yr old classes and this year, it's Colby's turn to be in Mommy and Daddy's class. Tyler got that fun the first year and last year we continued teaching without any of our kids in class. Colby's been great so far in the first 2 weeks. It's fun having him plus it's one less kid we have to go track down at the end of class time!! HA

BRADY - if you haven't seen Brady in a few weeks then plan a visit to Bedford because he changes all the time. His newest things are: A) he now sits in a highchair and B) we started him on some rice cereal. The highchair is tilted back a good amount since he doesn't have complete head control. But he likes sitting in there when we all eat together. I think Colby likes it too because they get to sit next to each other. Brady seems to be enjoying the rice cereal so that's good. We just started last night so he's only had a few feedings but he's getting bigger and bigger ... and cuter and cuter each day. He's a little noisy (ok, he's alot noisy!!!) but still cute.

So there's an update for you. Oh, and what's with the title of this entry you ask? Tyler has lately been showing us another loose tooth he has. He's already lost several but it's been a while so we are waiting for this one to fall out or get pulled out. Today, Kendra and I are near the kitchen when Tyler says what we thought was "Hey Mom, I have a tooth". Wow, he pulled his tooth we thought! So Kendra goes over and says, "Tyler, did you pull your tooth? Show me!" She's greeted by Tyler coming out of the bedroom, standing backwards, bent over and pointing at his bottom. "Hey Mom, I have a toot!" Wow - those are the proud moments!! Sorry Nana - I know you are cringing at that one but I hope you got a nice chuckle out of it since it came from Tyler... the comment that is!! Stop it!!!

One more thing - for those of you who haven't read my twin brother's blog, I encourage you to read today's entry (8-20) and be blown away. You probably need to read the entry from 8-19 as well to get the full gest of the amazing work of our Father!!

God bless you all,