Saturday, July 30, 2005

Underwear in Outer Space

"Underwear is called underwear for a reason" - Virginia Delegate John Reid

Can I get a loud AMEN !! Ok, I'm officially going to label myself as an old fuddy-duddy. I realize that I'm starting to sound like my parents each and every day.

Ok, here's the deal. I agree with the comment above that underwear is what is and that's where it needs to stay. Just this weekend I've been exposed to so much underwear that I feel like I need a bath anytime I come in from being out in public!! Friday night, we were trying to have a nice dinner at Jason's Deli when a girl walked in with a guy (teenagers) and she had these baggy jeans that exposed her Tommy Hilfiger brand underwear. I got a kick out of the "looks" she was getting from all of the "older types". I so badly wanted to go up and ask her what kind of statement she was trying to make or if she just wanted her boyfriend not to have to lustful thoughts about what kind of underwear she was wearing - just show him so he wouldn't have those lustful thoughts ... right? I think not.

Then on Saturday, I was exposed to bra strap after bra strap! And I'm not talking about the occasional "peeking" strap that just needs to be tucked under the shirt. I'm talking about the 30 year old lady who wears a tank top (and a skimpy one at that) with a regular red bra ... Huh?? Ever heard of a white T-back or a jacket!!!! Come on ladies!! I'm amazed that a parent would let their child dress like this because it happens at every age level. I'm remarkably frustrated to think there might be dads out there who allow this. They know what guys think and I just can't believe they would be that indifferent about this. And don't even get me started on the exposed thong in teenage girls... UGH !!!!!!

And it's not just the ladies. Tonight I was out with my two little boys and I saw many teenage boys and (gulp!) some older men (30's) with the exposed underwear out for everyone to see. Why is this such a fashion statement? I pray that this fashion will pass by the time my boys get to an age where they want to dress themselves.

Thanks for letting me vent! Let's try to get rid of the Underwear Aliens !!!

God bless you all,


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Grape balls of fire - I fooled ya!!!

Ok, I fooled you all !! My latest blog entry had a sonogram picture on it. Since we are only 9 weeks along, acccording to, our little miracle is barely the size of a grape and is only about an inch long. The picture that many of you commented on was just something I found on the internet that would represent that we had the sonogram. Consider it a "file photo" for technical terms. Guess I had no idea that people would think that was actually our baby in the picture. Sorry for the tease. So here's a little education for us all. Little baby is not very big right now but is growing!! Hopefully though he/she won't grow up and ever don a silly grape suit and have that picture (see left) blasted over the internet on someone's blog!! HA

God bless you all,