Monday, November 19, 2007

I like Mike and so does Zig and Chuck!

Ok, I'm not one to push my political agenda on anyone ... and I'm not going to start now. However, I wanted to let you into my 2008 political mind and tell you about the guy I think would make a great president ... Mike Huckabee.

Huck-a-who you might ask? (check out the banner ad at the top of the page to go to his website)

Well, here's a little history that I know. He was a Baptist minister for many years prior to entering into politics. He then served 2-3 years at the Lt. Governor of Arkansas. Then he served 10 years as Governor of Arkansas before launching his presidential campaign in January 2007. I had a chance to go hear him speak recently in town where he spoke at a church. I don't like it when politicians speak their agendas at churches and thankfully Mike didn't do that either. He simply preached for 20-30 minutes which was great to hear. You can view the speech here. It's in 3 parts so just find Parts II and III once Part I finishes.

I sort of like it too that I've been rooting for Mike for some time. I remember back in the summer talking to people about him so I guess I'm feeling like the little train that could. He's a small fish in a big pond. But he's getting more and more attention and his poll numbers have risen dramatically to consider him a top tier candidate. Blah, blah, blah right? (for those non-political junkies, I know that's what you just heard me say!! HA)

Here are some of the reasons I like him:

1) He's funny. Ok, I have to admit that he can make me laugh. No, he's not Jerry Seinfeld or Johnny Carson (playing to the older crowd) but he's funny. I like that because it makes him seem more real.

2) He's a strong Christian. This is important to me. I like it that he seems to not only say it, but he acts it too.

3) Zig Ziglar and Chuck Norris like him too!! You can see their endorsements at Mike's website:

4) He's from Hope, Arkansas. Anyone else know a former Governor from the small town of Hope, Arkansas who ran for President. Anyone??? Think back to the 1992 election... ring a bell yet? It was Bill Clinton, a guy no one had heard of at first and then he started winning in the polls and ultimately was elected president. I like what I've heard Mike say on this topic: "Let's give Hope a 2nd chance!!" (of course, he was joking when he said it)

5) I like it that he's not a Washington politician. We need someone besides a Bush or Clinton in the White House. Do you realize that we have kids in this country who are 19 years old who have only known a Clinton or Bush to be president... anything wrong with that? I have nothing against our current President (lest I get a call from the Secret Service) but I think it's time for a change in the family photo albums in the White House.

6) He's not the man he once was!! Ok, that is a phrase that fits Mike Huckabee to a T ! You see, back several years ago, he was diagnosed with some health issues and went on a fitness craze. He lost over 100 pounds!! Anyone with that on his resume gets my vote!! HA

Ok, that's about all. I'll end with this. Do I like EVERYTHING Mike Huckabee stands for? Maybe... probably not. But I've never agreed 100% with any politician. For me, it's just about finding someone who you think we lead this country according to the way God intended and do it in a way that you think yourself and others will prosper. And for me, right now, that's good ol' Mike! Don't forget to visit his website for more information.

Blessed be your name,