Monday, December 04, 2006

21 more shoppin' days !!!

Alot going on in the Vaughn house so I'll get right to it. Some of you might receive a Christmas card from us with a picture similar to the one you see here. It was Kendra's idea to put them all in Santa hats and white shirts and I like it. They were all very cooperative. It helped Tyler and Colby to know that if they acted good during picture time, there were fresh, hot cookies waiting for them in the kitchen. Does Dobson do a chapter on bribes for your kids? If not, he ain't tellin' the truth to no one !! HA

We are certainly in the Christmas spirit around the Vaughn house. Here's Tyler riding his "sleigh" looking like a peddler just opening his pack (notice the bag over his left shoulder). That kid loves Santa more than Mrs. Claus I think! I love it and it makes me love this guy so much!

(my apologies on the funky spacing issues!!!)

Tyler also had a Christmas show at school on Saturday where he got to sing in the chorus so that was fun for him. I had a meeting at church but Kendra got to go and said he did great. They also had Santa there for the kids. Here is Tyler and Colby with Santa. Tyler is also into LISTS (another kid after my own heart!) - Christmas lists. If you've spent any time around Tyler this season, he has asked you what you want for Christmas and has written it out somewhere. Here's a pictue of Santa trying to determine a kindergartner's attempt at spelling !! :) Would have loved to heard that conversation as Tyler reasons out his spelling.

We also enjoyed a night with some good friends on Saturday. Kendra and I hosted our friends' kids, Kayla and Brooklyn on Saturday night while their mom and dad went out. So, as part of the entertainment for the evening, I took all the older kids (Tyler, Colby, Kayla and Brooklyn) out to drive around and look at Christmas lights. We all had the requirement to wear Santa hats and had to sing really loud in the van. It was fun. As we drove around, I noticed a house in Colleyville (nice part of town) that was hosting a fancy party (included valet) and it was cool. Ok, it was probably for the wealthiest folks in Tarrant County but it was fun. I'm sure I looked like the riff-raff driving through their neighborhood in a mini-van, carting around 4 screaming kids and all of us with Santa hats on!! Talk about a Christmas Vacation moment!! Just call me Clark W. Griswald !!

So how's Brady you ask? Here are a couple of pictures to show you. Ain't he a cutie!! Just the best lookin' boy in my opinion. He's got a little stubborn attitude when things don't go his way but he gets that from his Mother.... oh did I just write that... delete, delete, delete ... he gets that from watching his 5 year old brother demand his way!! HA (Tyler does have some issues with that but most 5 years olds do!) Just love our Brady Boo !! (Just playing dear - love you and Happy Anniversary on Wednesday!!! Smooch, smooch!!!)

Colby is doing great. He's struggling with some issues himself with obeying but he's just one of the sweetest kids you'll meet (again, in my opinion). Always compliments Kendra on her outfits and even helped me out when I was putting Christmas lights in the yard this weekend. He kept referring to them as his "beautiful lights" and couldn't wait to show the "beautiful lights" to Kayla and Brooklyn when they came over Saturday. Just love this little kid!!

I need to turn a little serious on everyone and ask you to pray for my wife Kendra. She's having some health problems related to an eye issue that is concerning to us. It started over Thanksgiving weekend and is still lingering. She's having some double vision and some headaches as a result of the eye strain. We don't have any direct answers so there's a lot of speculation that I won't get into here. She did have an MRI to rule out any tumors or aneurism and the results came back today to confirm that neither of those exists so Praise the Lord there! The next step is to go to a neurologist and we are trying to get an earlier appointment than what's on the books for now which is Dec. 22nd. So please join us in praying for Kendra to be healed of this eye issue really soon so she can get back to normal activities. Oh, and the picture... the patch that Kendra was wearing is just something she was doing to help relieve strain on that one eye. (Those dress up clothes are good to have around from time to time!) Colby wanted his own patch too so his Aunt Moni provided it. Now Colby and Mommy get to play pirates anytime they want!! HA (Always something fun going on around here.)

Happy Holidays everyone and don't forget to finish up your shopping!!

God bless you all,