Saturday, January 21, 2006

Here's a recap of a conversation that took place today that I'd rather forget between Tyler, myself, Kendra and a neighbor who's probably in her 50's:

Donny: "Hey Tyler, come over here and pet the dogs that our neighbor has brought by."
Neighbor: "They're real sweet and they love lit'l boys".
Donny: "See Tyler, they are real sweet. See, watch how Daddy pets the dog."
Kendra: "See Tyler, the dogs are real sweet. See how Daddy is playing with them."
Tyler: "But I don't wanna. Bye bye dogs."
Donny: "Come on Tyler, you can come over."
Tyler: "Bye dogs."
Kendra: "oh, come on Tyler"
Neighbor: "They are real nice. They love little boys."
Donny: "That's good Tyler. Come on over a little closer. They won't hurt you. See? Yeah, that's it. Good job Tyler. Now be soft. There you go."
Neighbor: "So I see y'all are expecting again?"
Kendra: "Yes we are. Another boy. This will be our third."
Donny: "Tyler, come back. Where are you going? Nice dogs."
Neighbor: "That's great. I remember when I had my baby boy. I could wear my bikini underwear right up til the end."
Donny: (now thinking to myself) "What did she just say? Surely she didn't just say that."
Kendra: "Oh really."
Donny: "Tyler, come back and pet the dogs. Good job - that's it."
Neighbor: "The next baby we thought was another boy. But when she dropped there went wearing my regular panties anymore."
Donny: (to myself again) "Oh gosh, how do I get out of this awkward conversation!!!"
Neighbor: "For a long time we didn't know we were pregnant. But then I missed my cycle..."
Donny: (to myself again) "Iggeeee" (my Benin family will recognize that phrase) "Help me Lord!!"

Nothing like bonding with your neighbors!!

God bless you all,