Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Avi-Nursery and Merry Christmas

Hey folks - I'm back after a short break. And what a special day it is for me and a special someone. Just a short 8 years ago, my lovely bride and I were busy at a ceremony pledging our love for each other. That's right - today is 8 year anniversary. What a fun and wild 8 years it has been for us. We got to celebrate a little today by spending time taking our boys to school, hearing from our little Brady (at the doctor's office) and then a fun brunch together. I'm so blessed to have someone like Kendra as my wife and the great mother for my boys. They are just as blessed!! We all love you dear.

Speaking of those crazy boys, check out this picture:

Isn't that great! That's not so much a question as a statement from a proud father. It's so fun this year to have these 2 little guys around who are completely full of the Christmas spirit. We are still working on the whole Jesus vs. Santa thing (the big red suit guy is winning out! Yikes!) but they know this is when we celebrate the birthday of Jesus which then gives us the joy we have for all the other fun things involved with this time of year. We are continuing to push that message although I haven't found a website that allows the kids to get letters from Heaven signed by Jesus!! HA

One thing that is fun for me is to hear my boys sing Christmas songs. One of the lines we love to hear Tyler sing is "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And if you ever SONIC, you would even say it glows!!" Sonic - that's hilarious. They know what the phrase "let's go to Sonic" means more than "and if you ever saw it". Colby is right in there with him. I just get a big grin when I hear those voices sing.

We are looking forward to my parents coming in town this weekend for some of our family Christmas. We have gifts from aunts and uncles who couldn't be here as well as lots of fun plans so it should be great. Love family Christmastime!! Then we have a short break before we enjoy some more family Christmas in Colorado for the last week of the year. This is with Kendra's side. Always love that time of relaxation and fun with them. Bottom line is it's another time to be with family and enjoy the holidays. Can't get any better than that.

So, enjoy this holiday season everyone!! Remember the birthday of Jesus. Remember to tell Santa what you want for Christmas. And of course ... don't forget to go to Sonic!!

God bless you all,