Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Update on Kendra

Many of you have probably been wondering after we asked you to pray for Kendra in the last blog post I put out. Here's the update:

Yesterday, we went to Austin to visit a doctor there we are very familiar with. We know the doctor because it's where Tyler has been going for some time addressing some sensory issues he has related to viruses and nerves and stuff like that. Too complicated to get into but we trust the doctor because of the results we've seen in Tyler. Some of Kendra's issues related to some symptoms she was experiencing that led us to seek God's wisdom and HE opened a door to see Dr. Stewart. I say that confidently because this doctor is hard to book. So when Kendra called just to see if there was a way that the doctor could just look at some of her charts, MRI reports, etc. while we were there with Tyler, and they called back to say that they had a cancellation RIGHT BEFORE Tyler's appointment, we just knew God's hand was at work.

Bottom line is this: Kendra has some inflammation of the nerves around her optical region in her brain which is causing some vision problems. We wanted to rule out some indications from the doctor related to M.S. so we went to see Dr. Stewart who has some history with neurological issues and a specialty in the neuro-sensory area. Dr. Stewart did a large amount of tests and believes Kendra has some viral issues on these nerves which is probably causing the vision problems she has been having. Oddly enough (though not odd to Dr. Stewart) is that this was more than likely brought on by a flu shot Kendra took in late October. And since these vision problems started approx. 3 weeks later (about the time for the flu shot to kick in), that's why she started experiencing vision problems the Friday after Thanksgiving. And we just thought it was getting up to go shopping at 6 AM !!! :)

We feel at great peace with all of us. We strongly believe Dr. Stewart was put in our path with Tyler so he could one day help Kendra. There's a good relationship we have with him (he's just that kind of doctor) and he's fervently addressing Kendra's issue and we are glad for that. It's not over by any means, and there will be some more tests run between now and the next appointment in February. She got an initial shot to hopefully address some of the inflammation to help alleviate the vision problems which would be a great relief for her. But then we don't want to simply put a Band-Aid on it and move on. We want to get Kendra back on track to good health as soon as possible. So join us in praying for that and this continued peace we are feeling. Oh, and because I'm a guy (HA), pray for God's peace over all the financial matters involved in this. There is insurance definitely but lots of pills, tests and other things not covered or not covered well. I know God is the great Jehovah-Jireh and He will provide. Just pray that I will have a good memory of His track record!! HA

That's what we know on that. Thanks to my great mother-in-law Brenda who volunteered to come down to take care of Colby and Brady so I could drive Tyler and Kendra to Austin. Love you Nonny!!! Looking forward to a nice trip planned to Littlefield/Lubbock for the 16th Annual Vaughn Family Christmas - wow!! I think I counted that right. It's always alot of fun to be together with my parents and family during the holidays. Kendra and I are fortunate that we don't have to "share" during the holidays and rotate seeing family. We have wonderful parents (both Kendra and I do!!) that are understanding and accommodating for most holidays and we are truly blessed because of it. So here's to VFC 2006 at Nana's House with the fun traditions including the fun reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas via speaker phone from Africa, the gift exchanges, time with family (maybe a good game of Nertz) and Sonic/pizza for dinner Saturday night!! HA (that was a new one that popped up a few years ago and has stuck!!)

And go Littlefield Wildcats who are playing for the 2A Football State Championship this weekend!!! Oddly enough, they are playing about an hour from my house in Bedford while I drive to Littlefield this weekend. Oh well ...

God bless you all,